6 Vital Advice and Tips for New HR Professionals

Human Resource is always in a growing stage with respect to technical skills, cognitive behaviors or interactions. It is one gaunter that is powered by humans for managing humans.

Functions of Human Resource Management in an Organization

Human resource management plays a significant role when it comes to business organization, no matter big or small they are. The all in all employee management

A Glossary of HR Terms

If you are dealing with Human Resource and HR concerns, it’s important that you walk down a little to understand the most common HR acronyms used in the industry.

Human Resource Tips for HR Manager

Human resource, the controlling center of an organization. It acts as the connecting link between employees and company management in contacting one another.

Types of HR Systems

HR system, the backbone of any business, the efficient and effective performing HR systems shows the well-performing status of a business organization.

10 New Year Resolutions for HR Managers

We are at the edge of the beginning of a New Year. It’s hardly 12 days to bid 2018 and celebrations have already set its place for welcoming New Year...

Scope and Function of HCM Software in Business

HCM Software plays a crucial role in shaping the workforce in an organization. A Human Capital Management individually focus the workforce...

Top 10 Employee Engagement Survey Questions

Today the workforce is large and diversified in nature. Each individual has his own perception on the concept- the employee engagement.

Paperless HR Department: How and Why?

In a company or organization, the role of the HR department is trivial. The HR department has to go through a lot of activities for its functioning.

Reasons to go for HR software

The human resource department in any organization plays a crucial role in managing their employees and their management.

HR Software for Hospitals

Health Industry is considered to be the most challenging and fastest growing industry of kind. Because of the complex nature, it necessitates the need for an experienced...

Open HRMS Branch Transfer

Open HRMS Employee Branch Transfer puts ease to the erroneous placements, incompatibilities among employee relations via streamlining...

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