Tips to Managing Remote Employees

Today the technology has surpassed every possibility of working. With the advent of new technical innovations, flexible workflows, and freestyle working patterns...

Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

There is a significant impact of Emotional Intelligence in workplaces. It helps in strong team formations eradicating the possibilities of misunderstandings...

HR Software for Banking Industry

A Human Resource Management Software managing and executing various banking industry functions. As banking is a service industry, it revolves around...

Benefits of Employee Management Software in Modern Business

Employees are regarded as the company’s greatest asset as they directly proportionate to company’s growth and expansion in the market. If a company...

Top 5 Features of HR Software

As employees directly proportionate to company success and profitability, they are considered to be the most invaluable and inseparable entities of any organization.

HR Reminder Management in OpenHRMS

HR Reminder is a supporting App comes under the Open HRMS. This app helps to memorize all necessary and important dates in an HR domain

Open HRMS GOSI Contribution Module

Open HRMS GOSI contribution module is constructed for the organizations in Saudi Arabia. The module handles the GOSI contributions from the Saudi employees...

Are you into a good Human Resource Management?

Being a boss or a manager isn’t easy, especially when it comes to human resource and their management. It advocates for the lot of patience, hard work, persistence

Employee Onboarding Challenges

Imagine you are finally blessed with the job offer from one of your sought after company after the grueling set of interviews and paper tests.

Functions of Human Resource Management

The sole function of a human resource management in an organization is to cater to the needs of its employees. [Infographics]

The Most Significant Role of HR Manager in Modern Business

Human Resource Management revolves around a set of activities like hiring employees, monitoring the employee welfare, encouraging the employee participation,

How Organizations Choose the Right HR Software?

A human resource software is a critical phenomenon for any organization as it helps the companies to manage their employee information and benefit plans

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