Employee Onboarding Challenges

Imagine you are finally blessed with the job offer from one of your sought after company after the grueling set of interviews and paper tests.

Functions of Human Resource Management

The sole function of a human resource management in an organization is to cater to the needs of its employees. [Infographics]

The Most Significant Role of HR Manager in Modern Business

Human Resource Management revolves around a set of activities like hiring employees, monitoring the employee welfare, encouraging the employee participation,

How Organizations Choose the Right HR Software?

A human resource software is a critical phenomenon for any organization as it helps the companies to manage their employee information and benefit plans

Benefits of Using an HR System

Human Resource management is one of the challenging tasks in an organization as it caters to the needs of the most invaluable assets of an organization.

Top 6 Challenges of Human Resource Management

A human resource department, no matter how complex or simple they are, finding the right talent and retention of the right talent are highly imperative for any business.

Scope of Human Resource Information System

The intersection of Human Resource and Information Technology leads to the birth of the title “Human Resource Information System” (HRIS)

Why is HR Management Important to Any Business?

Employees are the greatest asset of any organization. A satisfied employee turns out to be more productive, more scalar and more holistic in approach.

Why Open HRMS for your business?

Human Resource Management features, one can seamlessly track and monitor everything in real-time. With Open HRMS, one can automate the routine

Open HRMS Loan Management

Open HRMS loan Management is a component of Open HRMS suit. Open HRMS Loan module helps the user to configure different loan policies

Open HRMS Advance Salary

HR Salary Advance is a component of Open HRMS suit, a complete software for human resource management. Open HRMS advance salary helps the user to manage salary...

What is Open HRMS Software?

A human resource management revolves around different magnitudes of employees like their compensation, performance management, organization development

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