The Vitality Of An Automated Leave Management System For Business

Using the Attendance management in OpenHRMS you will be able to define the aspects of attendance marking to run automatically, as it's a routine operation.

Benefits and the Uses of a Recruitment Management Software

Employee recruitment or selection of the most apt candidate for your organization is one of the key tasks of an employer and the human resources department

How Can Employee Onboarding And Offboarding Be Done In OpenHRMS?

Let's understand how the onboarding, as well as the off-boarding operations of the employees, can be done in the OpenHRMS software

Open HRMS: The Complete HR Software Dashboard

With an attractive design and layout, Open HRMS dashboard can help the user to get a glance at all HR related operations

Open HRMS for Shift Scheduling

The HR team and team managers can manage shifts easily if there is a software tool to manage shifts. Open HRMS comes to your help when you wish for a software assistant.

Open HRMS: The Complete HR Management Solution

In this blog I will explain why I consider Open HRMS as the complete HR management solution

How to use Open HRMS Branch Transfer?

Open HRMS Branch transfer, an Open HRMS module that can be of great relief to the Human Resources team of a company with multiple branches

Measure the ROI on an HR Software Before Implementation

You should have a rightful analysis as well as a study conducted on the aspects of return on investment on the HR software that you are about to implement

Why is Open HRMS the best HR tool for small businesses?

The Open HRMS tool includes all features required for the operation of a small business. Being a modular HRMS tool Open HRMS users can choose the required modules and manage operations

How to Use Open HRMS Recruitment Management System?

Open HRMS tool is designed to simplify all HR related tasks and manage different operations effortlessly

Open HRMS- Employee Resignation Management

The resignation management requires a system to manage the full and final settlement of the employee. It should also include the clearing of dues and the management of employee certificates and expenses.

Open HRMS Custody Management System

Custody is an important module that has been added to the OpenHRMS HR Management Software. In this blog, we can find out the different features of the Custody Module.

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