Full and Final Settlement of Employees

Full and Final Settlement of employees is the greatest reward any organization can lend to their employees during their retirement from administration or service.

Open HRMS Employee History Management

Employee management or staff management is crucial for any organization. Be it a small or big business firm, tracking the relevant employee information

Digitization of Human Resource in 2019

As the technological innovations are speedily proceeding with cutting edge cloud-based solutions, the corporate digital advancement is knocking the doors of all business

Benefits of Integrated HR System at Workstations

Normally, when you're assessing the HR system for your business, you have one or more requirements in mind for effectively managing your employees.

Managing Employee Background Verification in Open HRMS

The open source human resource management system comes as an all-inclusive suite of application for the most sought after human resource management.

5 Easy Hacks For Effective Hiring Process

Its well-known fact that the job market is becoming increasingly competitive for the business associations that look for a new ability. Today...

Open HRMS Lawsuit Management

Open HRMS is self-reliant in looking after every employee needs, managing smartly the internal and external human resource functions within an organization.

New Techniques for improving Human Resource Management

The field of Human Resource Management is ever changing and every department revolving around has realized the importance...

Time Tracking Software and Workplace Productivity

“What get’s measured is what gets improved”. This is a famous quote said long before by profound management expert Peter Drunker.

Top 5 HR Trends for 2019

This blog discusses the top 5 HR trends that any HR professional can practice in this new year for enhancing workplace efficiency.

6 Vital Advice and Tips for New HR Professionals

Human Resource is always in a growing stage with respect to technical skills, cognitive behaviors or interactions. It is one gaunter that is powered by humans for managing humans.

Functions of Human Resource Management in an Organization

Human resource management plays a significant role when it comes to business organization, no matter big or small they are. The all in all employee management

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