What is Open HRMS?

Open HRMS is a simple and intuitive Human Resource Management Software tool exclusively designed for managing the end to end Human Resource processes and Payroll Management of a company. Open HRMS is embedded with flexible reporting systems, making it easy for the end user to get a real-time read on the state of HR issues, and facilitate compliance with requests for information from outside authorities as well as management and employees. Open HRMS helps you to streamline every Human Resource actions within the company, making it possible for the end user to concentrate more on their business. Open HRMS efficiently manages-

- HR tasks related to recruitment, benefits, and payroll of employees.

- Closely plan, control and manage HR expenses.

- Increase the efficiency and quality of HR decision-making.

- Enhance productivity for managers and front-line employees.

- Manage attendance in real-time.

- Improve communication within your organization.

- Track training and succession planning.

- Gets customized to an organization's unique needs.

- Integrated databases.

- Useful reporting functions and evaluation capabilities.

- Automated alerts for things like performance reviews, expiring certifications and benefits enrollment.

- Convenient self-service access to employees for viewing pay stubs, work schedules and benefits.

- Handles time-off requests, tax detail modifications, changes of address, benefits enrollment, etc.

What should be the minimum and maximum company size to incorporate Open HRMS?

Open HRMS is ideal for companies with 100+ employees and it has the capacity to manage 1000+ employees at a time.

Is the system scalable?

Open HRMS is scalable. It can house many terabytes of data. No matter how much your inputs grow, Open HRMS is capable to scale without changing the database.

Does the company provide any training to the employees after implementation of Open HRMS?

Yes, Cybrosys Technologies provides training to your employees as part of implementation methodology. We train the end user/ employee and educate him how to use the system effectively for your business objectives. We also provide training videos where every functionality and modules of the system are explained in details.

How long will it take to implement Open HRMS?

Open HRMS installation runs about 1 -2 hours.

What Hardware and Software is recommended for Open HRMS?

Recommended server specifications for Open HRMS is:
For a 5 user site = 2 CPU server and 2 GB Ram
For 20 user site = 4 CPU server and 8 GB Ram
For 100+ user site = recommend splitting app and database servers, 2 x 8 CPU servers with 32 GB Ram
Where Open HRMS Minimum Server Specification includes:
Processor = Intel (64 bit)
Number of Processors = 1
Processor Core available = 6
Memory = 8 Gigabyte
OS = Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
And recommended server specification with :
Processor = Intel (64 bit)
Number of Processors = 2
Processor core available = 8
Memory = 16 Gigabyte
OS = Ubuntu 14.04
HDD = Up to client*

How can I access to Open HRMS?

You can access and test the openhrms from the following link: http://demo.openhrms.com/

How is support provided? Whom do I contact for support?

For any assistance or clarification on Open HRMS, kindly drop your queries to [email protected]

How can I manage record access rights?

For managing the access rights, you can either access them from user interface or from the code. If you doing it from the user interface, activate the developer mode and navigate to Settings -> Technical -> Security. From here you can adjust the access rights in accordance.

Can I customize and tailor Open HRMS to meet our HR needs?

Yes. Being an Open Source application, Open HRMS offers high degree of customization making it perfectly fit into the shoes of desired business workflow.

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