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A deep and complete view of essential HR KPIs. A visually engaging way to provide executives the information they need.



Automate the routine and time-consuming HR tasks with HR Software and spend more time working with the organizational goals. Make Employee recruitment, Record management, Employee onboarding, Benefits, Timesheets and other administrative tasks easier with Human Resource Management Software. Customize it according to your HR workflow and work with more ease. Get rid of paper works, capture, store, secure and access information in a more efficient manner. Using HR Software complete the processes in simple steps and channelize efforts to more strategic routes. Open HRMS automate HR management tasks and improve the productivity of the workforce.

Strategic Management

Support long-term business goals and milestones with a strategic human resource management framework. Focus on long-term resource mobilization according to the organization's goals and the evolving nature of work. Using HR Software, plan and implement employee quality improvement programs, appraisal, appreciation, and rewards; determine how they are integrated into the overall business strategy. From employee recruitment to retirement, Open HRMS helps you to plan a strategic framework for each individual which will be beneficial for both the employee and the organization

Employee Engagement

Let the employee manage themselves, you just correct the pathways. Active engagement of workforce with the organizational goals determines business results; Open HRMS is an excellent solution to enhance the employee participation at all possible levels. Employee self-service portals and enterprise social platforms to be connected with, Gamification, Appraisal methods and Feedback systems to be informed of, Employee Benefits and quality improvements methods to be updated with; Open HRMS catalyze the employee engagement and promote self-directed work culture.

Analyze and Improve

From recruitment to retention, master the huge volume of HR data and perfectly utilize it to reap the maximum productivity. Using Human Resource Management System get insight into employee performance, analysis of leaves and absence, enhance employee recruitment process and find better quality candidates, evaluate employee engagement and take the swift decision. Open HRMS BI reports, drill down tables, pie chart and bar diagrams gives a holistic as well as categorized reports of HR assets. Be informed and work for the long-term goals.

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