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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of OpenHRMS software?

The OpenHRMS suite is an all-in-one solution for guiding an organization’s human resource activities. The main feature of the open-source human resource management software, OpenHRMS, is it offers a centralized database to handle all HR-related functions. The uncomplicated, user-friendly, and automated tool is helpful for employees, management, and HR departments to work in real-time. The intuitive system helps the organization to offer a better work experience. As a result, the employees of the organization can contribute to their full potential and become more productive. The openHRMS platform can handle all the complexities bounded by the HR department of an organization.

The interactive kind of dashboard provides better insights into the system. Another important feature of the platform is the easy-to-use interface and the integrated front-end and backend tools. The platform has the ability to manage all the HR associated functions such as employee management, HR administration, payroll, attendance, leave, and recruitment. Also, the system is capable of managing branch transfers, legal actions, loan management, insurance, resignation, and many more aspects. To manage all these functions OpenHRMS suite developed separate modules, and all of these modules are highly efficient for managing all the HR tasks

What are the top ten Human Resource Management Features

Human Resource Management Software is the perfect solution for any organization to get the most out of its human capital. A sharply defined automated software will help you employ the right culture and organizational structure in your entity. An HR system will allow you to implement various resource utilization strategies. One of the efficient HRMS software, OpenHRMS, will assist you in streamlining and enhancing every human resource function.

Employee Management, Recruitment and Hiring, Payroll management, Attendance management, Absence Management, Dashboard, Analytics, and document management are the main features of the HR system. The highly integrative ability of the platform makes it unique and helps you to save productive time and manly effort. In addition, the HRMS platform ensures practical guidance for organizational success. Its processes and performances start with formulating suitable policies for the job positions and end with establishing successful business profitability.

What are the Unique OpenHRMS Features?

OpenHRMS software is a definite solution for leading an organization’s human resources operations. The software's unique features are its ability to handle all the HR management operations of an organization smoothly and straightly. It is fast, reliable, secure, and the top HR software. It has the capability to automate regular and time-consuming tasks and the power to gain more productive time to fulfill organizational goals.

The strategic framework of the system is very convenient for focusing long-term resource coalitions based on the organization’s perspectives and visions. The stunning user interface of the platform ensures better business workflow, limitless customization, and seamless management operations. In addition, the platform is very convenient for streamlining your business functions and offers a single centralized system to cover all your HR processes. The interactive kind of dashboard provides improved insight into the system.

What is the use of HR (Human Resources) Management Software?

The success and development of every organization lie in the quality of workforce management. The workforce is the central unit of every enterprise. So every organization must give prominence to amping up the employees and HR tasks. Here comes the significance of an automated system for human resource management. The powerful HR software can streamline routine activities. Also, the system will deliver an excellent experience which will be essential for keeping employees motivated. Highly efficient HR software like OpenHRMS has the potency to empower the workforce and have the privilege to track and monitor with its self-reliant tools.

Further, it can simplify all the complex and challenging administrative tasks and burdens. So you can put an end to all the repetitive tasks. Most efficiently centralizes all the essential data without missing a single one. The far-reaching modules in the system are suitable for gathering, selecting, training, assessing, retaining, and rewarding workforces. Similarly, it is the right way to monitor organizational guidance and culture. And it is also responsible for staying compliant with employment and labor laws.

Why OpenHRMS Software is Rich in Features

Each organization possesses its own methods and strategies to meet the complex business processes of an enterprise. Very often, unique, rich, individualized reforming is required. The feature-rich OpenHRMS platform offers a customizing ability that will be very useful for individualized adaptations. The back end of the OpenHRMS platform is grandiosely influential in developing customized solutions.

The Dashboard, interactive HR metrics, unique appraisal strategies, and more make it more comfortable. The steady and systematic design and the critical and analytic ability mark the platform a unique one. It provides the best price and superior performance. It offers a plethora of features to its users with its modern approach.

What are the Main Components of OpenHRMS

The main component of the OpenHRMS system is its centralized database, time and labor management, finance and payroll management, compliments management, employee benefits and advantages, worker interface, enrollment, and retention. The centralized employee database simplifies the HR processes. The platform comprises 36 plus unique modules responsible for taking care of various HR operations. The best applicant tracking system and dynamic recruitment software act as the principal components of the system.

Another vital component is finance and payroll management. The robust payroll management module encompasses all the essential features required for the systematic calculation of employee payroll. Further, all the employee benefits and the advantages, such as medical care benefits, retirement plans, wellness programs, etc., are dealt with in a sophisticated way.

What are the Five Features that are covered in Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management typically covers a wide range of functions from recruitment process to hiring, Payroll and Employee Benfits, Performance Management for showing a clear picture of peformance expectations for employees providing a live feedback for self evaluating and reviewing on a regular basis. Some of the important features of Human resource management in OpenHRMS Include

1. Scalability

2. Integration

3. Interative Interface

4. Data Analytics

5. Live Emlpoyee Support

To know more about the Human Resource Management Features visit our blog to know more about the features of HRMS and what all things are there to look for.

What are the 5 Major OpenHRMS Features Compared to other HR Software?

Implementing OpenHRMS software is the finest way for businesses to take care of all HR and Payroll needs. This global workforce management platform paves the way for developing a delighted workforce. A business can improve profitability by integrating every task into a centralized system. OpenHRMS platform provides a profound view for receiving employee data and essential HR KPIs. It will automate all the hardest manual workflow. It is the most suitable platform for managing diversified workforces. The high percent scalability makes the platform fitter for handling HR operations compared with other software.

Moreover, the system has higher speed and faster performance than other HR software. High-level adaptability helps to bring new changes and implications to the organization. In addition, the high-end flexibility offered by the platform delivers top-tier job satisfaction and commitment from employees to the organization. The fourth prominent feature is its proficiency in handling HR data and analytics. All the complex HR operations from hiring to firing - all the massive volume of data will be analyzed and will help you to reap maximum productivity. You will get complete knowledge of employee performance, leave and absence records, recruitment details, attrition rate, employee engagement evaluation, and more. The BI reports, tabular data, pie charts, and bar chart representations provide better report insights in a visually appealing way. The modules' high critical and analytical power gives real-time reports and analysis.

What are the benefits of the OpenHRMS platform?

The main benefit of the OpenHRMS platform is that all the HR functions can be managed with a single database. This is an all-in-one solution fully equipped to handle every small and complex operation regarding HR management. This cloud-based system will act as an all-rounder to run the procedures related to an employee lifecycle. Implementing the powerful software into your organization will be very beneficial for the management authorities, organizations, and their employees.

The other main benefit of the application is it will wipe out the workload of the HR persons and establish a happier work environment in the organization. The cloud-based software helps you to minimize the maximum amount of operating time and effort, ensuring better, more productivity and profit. The highly integrative nature of the module is beneficial for coordinating your organizational data. Further, the customizing ability of the platform provides complete flexibility for your business. So you can tailor the application based on your organization's requirements. Moreover, the platform ensures accessibility from anywhere globally with a highly secure sign-on process.

Why do you need OpenHRMS Software?

A human resource department of an organization has the great responsibility of maximizing productivity and protecting the organization from all the complexities and difficulties bound with the workforce. The significant HR responsibilities are, assisting to build a happier work environment, employee management, recruitment, firing, payroll processing, employee insurance management, loan management, attendance, leave, transfer, shift, disciplinary actions, resignation, announcement, compensation, benefits, and many more. Manually managing all these operations will always be a nightmare for the HR persons. Also, there will be a chance of losing important data and information. An automated HR management system like OpenHRMS is needed for an organisation to automate its business. The module can help an organisation and the HR department complete their tasks quickly and effectively.

The developers of the OpenHRMS suite formulated several dedicated and advanced modules and tools needed for assisting an HR department of an organisation. The modules will function as a complete solution for solving all the hurdles and intricacies associated with the HR management operations of your company. The well-defined modules and tools help you complete all your tasks without investing more time and workforce. In addition, the integration facility of the modules forges your business management more effective. Also, automated and digital software like OpenHRMS can ensure better secure data by eliminating paper works and manual entries.