Open HRMS - User Manual

Last updated: January 29th, 2019


The human resource department in any organisation plays a crucial role in managing their employees and their management. It caters to large set of activities in simultaneous mode and for this reason, the functioning of HR department is not easy. HR Department has to go through several challenges and various measures to make the company self-sufficient, robust and independent in bringing more profit and revenue.

From managing the employees to handling the risk management of the company, it is the responsibility of human resource department to look after. Getting all the HR activities done in the offline fashion requires lot of time and this will lead to stress, work pressure and error. On the other hand, implementation of an HR software comes with great help. With its vast features the Open HRMS software can provide proper backup for the functioning of the HR department. The Open HRMS software automates every process happening in the HR department, reducing the workload of HR department, and boosting their productivity. Also all the data about the organisation are digitally stored when the Open HRMS software comes in to work.

The longevity of an organization solely depend on the healthy and strong relationship between the employees and their management. It doesn’t matter how big or small the organization is, it is the mutual concern and trust that binds together the employee and organization, ultimately underlining the growth and expansion of business.

To create a trusty and strong bond, often a third party is necessitated with. A human resource management software like Open HRMS Software can act as the third party, bridging the gap between organisation and its employees. You might be thinking how? Yes, Open HRMS software can help in streamlining the entire communication and functions within the business like managing the employee payslips, disseminating company’s updated policies, handling employee job applications, handling the perks and benefits and more. Open HRMS software make sure that no space for confusions or human errors is left behind.

The role of HR in any business is integral. It acts as catalyst in boosting employee productivity. The welfare of the employees, their work management and engagement, thereby growth of an organisation, is the ultimate objective of any HR department. The way the HR department functions is very complex, it revolves around lot of challenges and pitfalls. An Open HRMS software can act as a wizard tool to overcome these challenges and maximize the business productivity.

This manual is all about the functioning of Open HRMS software, the manual guidelines you through the various applications which are present in Open HRMS and helps you to easily understand the working of Open HRMS software. We have tried to explain each applications based on their working with screenshots so as to make things simpler for the readers. Hope this will be a helpful guide to all the users of Open HRMS.