Salary Structures in OpenHRMS Payroll Software

A Salary structure is details of the salary that will provide an insight to a salary range per grade that an organisation or company will attempt to pay within

A Complete Overview Of Open HRMS Timesheets Module

Timesheet module is necessary for an organization to keep all the records and track the work hours, leaves, projects, tasks, and many more aspects

The Significance of OpenHRMS Payroll Software in Modern Business

OpenHRMS includes an exclusive Payroll management software which will allow you to manage the employee Payroll operations of your company effectively.

Payroll Management and How it will be Beneficial for Business

Efficient payroll management software can provide an insight to the HR or payroll management authority to take care of all the payroll operations comfortably

A Complete Overview of the OpenHRMS Recruitment module

Recruitment module will help you to manage all the activities related to the recruitment of your organization and also bring down all the HR departments worries

Open HRMS Reminders: A well Defined Reminder System for your Business

In this blog, let us discuss how an Open HRMS Reminders module works and what are the uses of this module.

How do the Time Tracking Tools in OpenHRMS Help in Employee Management?

The Timesheet module of the OpenHRMS helps in complete monitoring of the employees, the tasks they complete in a day, the time taken for each task and project

Run the Recruitment Process of Your Company Effectively in OpenHRMS

Create custom modules in Odoo with dedicated Studio module helping you to craft a module without writing a single line of code but using the blocks available.

The Vitality Of An Automated Leave Management System For Business

Using the Attendance management in OpenHRMS you will be able to define the aspects of attendance marking to run automatically, as it's a routine operation.

Benefits and the Uses of a Recruitment Management Software

Employee recruitment or selection of the most apt candidate for your organization is one of the key tasks of an employer and the human resources department

How Can Employee Onboarding And Offboarding Be Done In OpenHRMS?

Let's understand how the onboarding, as well as the off-boarding operations of the employees, can be done in the OpenHRMS software

Open HRMS: The Complete HR Software Dashboard

With an attractive design and layout, Open HRMS dashboard can help the user to get a glance at all HR related operations

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