Paperless HR Department: How and Why?

In a company or organization, the role of the HR department is trivial. The HR department has to go through a lot of activities for its functioning.

Reasons to go for HR software

The human resource department in any organization plays a crucial role in managing their employees and their management.

HR Software for Hospitals

Health Industry is considered to be the most challenging and fastest growing industry of kind. Because of the complex nature, it necessitates the need for an experienced...

Open HRMS Branch Transfer

Open HRMS Employee Branch Transfer puts ease to the erroneous placements, incompatibilities among employee relations via streamlining...

Smart Working through HR Dashboard

The world we live in is constantly changing. Trends are revamping and technology is innovating...

How HR Software can Boost your Business?

The longevity of an organization solely depends on the healthy and strong relationship between the employees and their management...

Asset Management with Open HRMS Custody

Open HRMS offer asset management or custody management function to any business organization, no matter how big or small they are. One might be thinking...

Employee Gratuity Settlement in Open HRMS

Open HRMS Gratuity Settlement is a component of Open HRMS suite, a complete HR management software.

Predictive Analytics in HR

Planning something based on a vision is indeed a very smart thing to do. It gives a drive and direction helping in achieving goals

What is Payroll Software?

Payroll software plays a crucial role in efficiently managing the employee salary and other employee benefits in an organization.

HR Department Roles and Responsibilities

HR department is one of the key department in a company or organization. In the starting periods, the HR department had no big tasks to perform rather than the basic employee...

What is Employee Engagement in HR?

The foundation of any institution is their employees, be it a business or a company. Without a proper and streamlined coordination and cooperation of employees...