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Effortless disciplinary tracking

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Open HRMS Disciplinary Tracking module will help in tracking the disciplinary issues and conducting disciplinary norms for the employees. Tracking employee discipline is a major responsibility of a manager in a company. The manager should track the disciplinary violations of employees and need to take necessary actions against the employees.

The Manager can assign disciplinary issues to the employees under the module. Employees can give explanations against the issues and submit them to the manager. Employees can also submit additional details which support their explanation. The Manager can take the final action against the employee according to his explanation. The Manager can create ‘Discipline Action Categories’ and ‘Discipline Reason Categories’.

Disciplinary Action

Select the employee and mention the disciplinary reason. The manager can also create new types of disciplinary reasons. Click ‘Proceed’ to assign it to the employee.

Explanation by an Employee

Give the explanation against the assigned disciplinary issue. Employees can submit additional information that supports their explanations. This can be submitted as attachments. The explanation should contain at least five words. Submit the explanation to the manager.

Assign Action

Select the ‘Action’ according to the explanation of the employee. If the explanation is satisfied, the manager can select the option ‘No Action’. In other cases, one can select the other options and have to fill up the ‘Action Information’. Action information contains a detailed explanation of the assigned action. A manager can also create new types of disciplinary actions.

View Disciplinary Action

Click the ‘Discipline’ button to view the assigned disciplinary actions.


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