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Open HRMS Official Announcements is yet another component of the ‘Open HRMS’ suite of applications for the effective and efficient management of Human Resources in an organization. The main purpose of this module is to help organizations in managing their official announcements. The module also provides a feature to add attachments to the announcement.

Create Announcements

In case of any emergency meeting or such an important occasion it is very difficult to inform all employees of a company at a time, no matter if it is a large or middle-sized business organization. The use of concepts like announcements can eradicate or solve these problems easier. Using this module, it is possible to send across the message to everyone as an announcement and can attach any type of document along with the announcement. We can create either a general announcement or an announcement for a particular department, job position or employee. The announcement has an approval stage to ensure only the verified details are shared with the employees.

Announcements to Employees

The code and title of the announcements will be displayed in the announcements section in HR Dashboard. The employees can view the announcement from the Announcements App.


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