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Custody Management System

Open HRMS Custody is a component of ‘Open HRMS’ which is a complete suite for HR Management. The main purpose of Open HRMS Custody is to allow the employees of an organization to request and take the company properties with them via submitting the purpose of the property. The module also allows renewing the deadline date of the custody. The Module also gives the facility to take the reports of the custody.

Create Property

First of all, listing out the company property is mandatory. We can also create new products. The employees can request for custody only when the requested products are available on this page.

Custody Request

To get a company property in employee's custody first, they have to send a request containing the details like Property, Reason, Requested date, Return date, and Internal note (Optional).

Request Approval/Rejection

The administrator can either approve or reject the request of the employee. The employee can take the property with him if the request has been approved, and he should return the property before the deadline exceeds.

Request Renewal

The employee can renew the request if he/she doesn't fulfill the requirement on the given date by sending a renewal request with the new date. If the higher authority approves the renewal request, the employee can keep the property. In other cases, they will have to return the property.


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