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Open HRMS dashboard functions as an advanced analytics tool displaying important HR metrics using their interactive data visualizations. Open HRMS helps the human resources department of an organization to improve their recruiting processes, optimizing the workplace management as well as to monitoring and enhancing the overall employee performance.


Unified Platform For Quick Access

Open HRMS dashboard encompasses all the vital details of an organization. It provides insight to information like the number of payslips generated, timesheets, the running contracts, broad factor and checkin/checkout status in a single click. As well as it shows the current user’s details like name, position, gender, age, joined details, nationality and name.


Employee Leave Request Analysis

Open HRMS Dashboard provides an overview about leave requests sent by employees to the HR Manager. The HR Manager can see all the leave requests which are not approved and the leaves in different time periods like today and the current month.


Leave Allocation Requests And Job Applications

As mentioned above, the user can see total leave allocation requests in Open HRMS - HR Dashboard, as well as total job applications received in the recruitment process. By clicking on it, he can see all those things in detail.


Employees Details In Various Departments

One of the most advantages of Open HRMS Dashboard is that it helps to analyze data in different ways. To ensure that Open HRMS Dashboard provides a different kind of graphs like pie chart, bar graph etc. It helps to get an overview of total employees in different departments by providing those information in a pie chart view.


Employee Leave Analysis

Another feature of Open HRMS HR Dashboard is the detailed leave analysis of the entire organization. The authorized user can easily understand the total number of leaves taken in different months via bar graph and total number of leaves per department via pie chart view.


Employee Join/Resign Analysis and Attrition Rate

Open HRMS Dashboard comes with the line graphs which gives an overview for monthly count of joining and resigning employees and the attrition rate of the company. Both of them are very crucial parameters of any company.


Announcements, Upcoming Birthdays and Events

The HR Manager can know whose birthday is coming up in the Dashboard itself. Open HRMS HR Dashboard shows all the upcoming birthdays as a list. The upcoming events with name, date and venue are listed in the order of starting time of the events. The announcements are also visible in the dashboard. This area will be really helpful for the employees where they can see the important events and announcements in one place.


My Leave Analysis

The Open HRMS Dashboard helps the end user to analyze his own leaves for different months. The line graph quickly shows the time frame and number of leaves the employee took.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is OpenHRMS Dashboard?

OpenHRMS is an open-source human resource management software crafted to manage every HR operation of an organization digitally. The platform owns the capacity to perform in a better way with the help of definite and well-structured sub-modules.

One among the useful modules in OpenHRMS - the OpenHRMS Dashboard module offers you a visually appealing palate that will be very useful for the smooth integration and management of human resources functions. The module acts as an informant to impart information to the executives and employees. The intuitive module gathers every sort of data in your system into one single place and makes the analysis and evaluation more effective. Also, arranges each data in various metrics forms in order to view, analyze and share data efficiently.

The module will perform as a sophisticated analytical framework tool manifesting all the essential HR metrics with the help of highly advanced data visualizations. The unified platform is very effective for quick access to all the fundamental data of an organization. This will impart the details such as the total number of payslips generated, the details of the timesheet, contract details, broad factors, check in check out statuses, leave requests, monthly leave analysis reports, monthly join/resign analysis, announcements, events, upcoming birthdays, leave analysis, and much more. In addition, the platform has the provision to exhibit the current user's information, such as photographs of the user, name, position, gender, age, joined date, nationality, contact number, and other details. In short, with the OpenHRMS Dashboard module, the users will get a new kind of responsiveness and operational satisfaction.

Employee Performance Dashboard

Supervising employees and rating their attainments are vital for a business's success. The team leaders or the responsible person must oversee the employees' performance and their day-to-day activities. So tracking employee performances is very essential. How you are tracking and managing employee performance will determine your employee performance level. It is the main factor why the employee performance dashboard should be embraced in your employee development strategy.

One of the outstanding HR management tools, OpenHRMS offers you all these aspects, and the platform covers all the management tools which enable you to monitor over the short-term and the long-term employee performances and achievements over multiple KPIs. All these employee performance data will be presented before you in a single display that will provide you the provision to evaluate the performance of your entire team and individuals. Later you can make use of these reports and matrics to cope up with your strategies and organizational goals.

The OpenHRMS Employee performance dashboard permits you to understand and follow your employees' daily or weekly performance. It also helps you solve all the inaccuracies and address all the issues they face. Further, the module provides a chance to establish a long-term strategy to understand your team's weak points and help you hire to fill those glutches and even encourage from within to avoid inaccuracies.

Employee Leave Request Dashboard

The OpenHRMS platform is a set of a plethora of supportive HR modules that will assist the HR department of an organization in managing its employees and operations skillfully.

When considering any organization, the most significant and challenging part is their employees' leave management. An efficient leave management system is essential for managing your digitized business.

The leave management system available in the OpenHRMS platform will effectively track the employee leave requests and offers smooth functioning of their operations.The Dashboard module available in the OpenHRMS suite offers real-time visibility of employee leave requests and leave allocation requests. By viewing this, the manager or the responsible person will get an overview of the total leave requests submitted by the employees to the HR department. With the help of the Dashboard module, the HR manager can scrutinize all the leave requests sent by employees which are not being approved yet. Moreover, the dashboard displays the leave requests in different forms, such as total leave requests, leave requests received today, the number of leave requests received in the current month, etc.

Apart from the options, the OpenHRMS Dashboard furnishes the overall leave analysis of the entire organization. The responsible persons in the organization can evaluate the total number of leaves taken. This monthly leave analysis can be viewed through bar charts and pie charts. Furthermore, the department-wise leave analysis is also available in the Dashbaord module. The number of leaves taken in each department, along with the count and percent will also be tabulated.

Finally, the login user’s leaves analysis is also displayed in the Dashboard module. At the bottom, you can see the user logins leave analysis. This will be very helpful to have a self-analysis for that particular user.

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