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Open HRMS Service Request is a pivotal component of ‘Open HRMS’ which is a complete suit for HR Management in an organization. In large sized business organizations, it is very difficult to handle the services that are requested by the employees from various departments. ’Open HRMS Service Request’ turns the process of requesting and supplying of request simple and hassle-free. This module also provisions in enabling the multilevel approval of the request.

In this module, the employee who needs a service will request to the HR Manager or Administrator with the complete details of the service that he is looking for. The HR Manager or Administrator who receives the request will assign an executor to perform the service. Following the action, the request is transferred to the executor's account number where he can perform the desired service requested by the particular employee. After completing the service he sends back to the employee which shows that the service is checked. Now the employee can either approve or reject the checked service after testing.

Service Request Creation

When an employee requires a service he/she wants to request for the service to the higher authority or to the responsible person. Here the request which is produced by the employee is transferred to the Administrator/HR Manager. The request should contain the description, date, and product related to the service.

Assigning executor to the service

Now it's time to assign executor to the requested service. This function is carried out by the Administrator or HR Manager. The responsible person assigns the executor to perform the requested service and then transfer this request to the assigned executor.

Checking Of The Service

Now the executor can perform the service and if the service is finished he can mark the request as ‘Checked’ by clicking the button ‘Checked’

Approval/Rejection Of The Service

Now the employee who requests service can either approve or reject the service which is performed by the executor. If the requested service is completely fulfilled click on the button ‘Approve’ or else click on the button ‘Reject’.


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