Vacation management

Get done regarding travel.

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Any company operates better when internal communications are well-structured. That is why it is important to improve a human resource management system within the framework of the whole workflow organization. Open HRMS provides core elements for complete HR Management. Open HRMS Vacation Management is one such core module that takes care of employee well-being, travel allowances, and other vacation benefits. Its implementation is a necessary step toward a prosperous company with well-automatized processes.

Manage The Pending Works

Manage the pending works of employees from the time-off request. The tasks can be reassigned to other employees. See the remaining legal leaves in the request.

Travel Expense

Help the organization in taking care of the employee's travel expenses. Open HRMS Vacation Management facilitates flight booking for an employee. The record of flight booking can be accessed from the time-off request.


The bills are automatically invoiced in the Open HRMS Vacation Management module. The invoice for the flight ticket can be accessed from the flight ticket record.


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