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OpenHRMS Payroll outlines the entire payroll process of a firm. It helps to generate payroll which can be easy to access. Gives advanced payslips for a single employee and batch of employees too. Also it can be generated based on leaves, salary rules and timesheet.

Employee Contract

Payroll can be generated based on the salary structure associated within the employee contract. Employee contract plays a vital role in their payslips. Also monthly advantages based on each employee can be configured within the contract.

Salary Rule & Salary Structure

Payslips of employees are created based on the configured salary structure. Salary structure are composed of different salary rules which some are deducting and some are benefits like allowances. Each salary structure has a reference and their own unique name.

Salary Rules and Allowances

Each salary structure has different records of salary rules. Rules are the advanced features of each payslips. Some of them are deducting and some are allowances. Which encourages and helps the employees in their financial conditions. Salary rules are configurable based on different conditions and the amount can be configured.

Payslip Batches

Rather than payslips for each employee, OHRMS payroll helps to generate payslips as like batches. Which helps to generate payslips of the employees who are under one salary structure as a grouped one.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open HRMS Payroll Software

Open HRMS is an advanced open source HRMS software. It has an integrated payroll management software that enables all types of business enterprises to manage payroll processes of their employees in an advanced way. Open HRMS payroll software eliminates the need for manual calculations.

Salaries of the workforce, their bonuses and deductions, total payments, pay-slip generations and various facets regarding payroll can be managed efficiently with the help of Open HRMS payroll management system.

What are the Benefits of Open HRMS Payroll Software

Firstly, Open HRMS Payroll Software is suitable for all types of business irrespective of its size. With an automated payroll system, critical errors and delays are eliminated which brings employee satisfaction.

Manual processes are tedious and consume a great amount of time and effort, automated Open HRMS payroll management system facilitates smooth and easy management of payroll processes thus saving time and money. Accounting workload is reduced and it also provides high security. Open HRMS Payroll software also helps in tracking attendances and working hours of the employees.

Why is Open HRMS Payroll Management is Important?

With Open HRMS Payroll Management, you can save time by automating tasks. Payroll files contain important data of individuals that needs to be protected. A Payroll Management System solves this problem by providing high security. Investing in a cost-effective Payroll Software helps in saving money.

Precise calculation of data is important when dealing with payrolls. An efficient Payroll Management System mitigates human error. When employees’ are paid on time, it boosts their morale, increases their productivity and engagement. Speed of the accounting process is also accelerated with the use of an effective Payroll Management System.

What are the Significance of Open HRMS Payroll Management System

It is important to find the right Payroll Software for the success of an organization. Open HRMS Payroll Management System works efficiently in managing and implementing the payroll process of any business regardless of its size. Open HRMS software has an advanced Payroll Management Software that lets you maintain all the employee payment records efficiently.

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