Employee Document Management

Open HRMS Employee Documents provides a better document management facility.we can store the documents related to any records with the help of 'Document' module in Odoo apps.This module is an essenti


Each and every detail associated with an employee is useful for any organization for better Human resource management. So the employee documents with such necessary information must be saved and used accordingly. 'Employee Documents' is a useful tool that can help you to store and manage employee-related documents like certificates, appraisal reports, passports, licenses, etc. The application also allows you to set an alert message on reaching the expiration/any other related dates of a document (like the expiration of passport)

No additional configuration is required.

 Documents Types.
 Expiry Date for Documents.
 Validation for Expiry Date.
 Managing Documents of Employees.
 Mail Notification Based on Expiry Date.