Employee Shift Management

employee shift module will easily create, manage, and track employee shift schedules. It can help you to ease out the troublesome shift management, therein allows the users to create and manage employ


Employee Shift Management is a component of Open HRMS suit. This module allows the user to create and manage employee work shifts. The administrator can create various shifts according to the working hours and assign the Shift in the employee work contract. The module also helps to automatically assign new shifts according to the shift sequence.
 1. Define a list of Work Shifts
 2. Define flexible hour wise shift
 3. Assign shift in the employee contract
 4. Assign new shift automatically
1. Employee Shifts

2. Create Employee Shift 
You can create employee shift working time


3. Employee Shift In Contract
Have an option to schedule shifts in employee contract form. It is very important to create at least one shift schedule manually in contract form.


4. Generate Automatic Shifts
Automatically assign new shifts according to the shift sequence.