Leave Request Aliasing

This module will configure a leave request email and each email in the desired format will consequently get changed over to leave ask for in Open HRMS. Leave module will manage the leave workflows of


Email aliasing is a default feature in Odoo which allows the user to fetch contents to ERP records directly from incoming emails. The feature is a type of automation. Since we can configure the E-mails to fetch contents directly. So here we are providing one of the new modules to create leave requests automatically from incoming emails.
No additional configuration is required.
Automation on Leaves Request Mails.
Option to Set Aliasing Domain Separately for Leave Request.
Here we can send leave requests through our registered email id. Then it will create a leave request in Odoo.
We must ensure that our mail subject must start with 'LEAVE REQUEST ' and the date format must be as '%d/%m/%Y'.