Attendance Regularization using Open HRMS in 2023


The Open HRMS Attendance Regularization module is critical for effectively managing employee attendance, particularly for those involved in onsite jobs or for company purposes. Organizations must accurately track attendance to ensure proper payroll processing, compliance with labor regulations, and effective workforce management.

This module addresses the issues that arise when employees are not at their usual workplace. It establishes a systematic procedure for employees to request attendance regularization for days spent participating in onsite activities. Employees can ensure that their attendance records accurately reflect their presence and work during those periods by submitting a request through this module.

The significance of the Open HRMS Attendance Regularization module lies in its ability to streamline the attendance regularization process. It eliminates manual paperwork and simplifies the task for both employees and managers. The module enables employees to submit their requests with all the necessary details, such as the specific dates and reasons for their absence from the regular workplace.

By leveraging this module, organizations can maintain accurate attendance records, ensure fair payroll calculation, and adhere to labor regulations. It improves transparency, reduces administrative burden, and enables efficient attendance management for employees engaged in onsite jobs or company purposes.

Benefits of Attendance Regularization:

The Open HRMS Attendance Regularization module offers several benefits that significantly enhance attendance tracking and compliance with attendance policies. By leveraging this module, organizations can experience improved accuracy in recording attendance, ensuring that employee time and presence are accurately captured.

One of the key advantages of using this module is the streamlined process it provides for attendance regularization. Manual efforts and errors are minimized as employees can submit their requests electronically, eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork. This streamlining not only saves time but also reduces the chances of inaccuracies in attendance records.

Moreover, the Open HRMS Attendance Regularization module contributes to employee satisfaction. It establishes a fair and transparent process for managing attendance exceptions, ensuring that employees' onsite or company-related activities are duly recognized and recorded. This transparency fosters a sense of trust and fairness among employees, positively impacting their overall job satisfaction.

Additionally, by automating the attendance regularization process, the module reduces administrative burden, allowing HR personnel to focus on more strategic tasks. This leads to increased efficiency and productivity within the HR department, enabling them to devote time and resources to other critical HR functions.

In a nutshell the Open HRMS Attendance Regularization module provides numerous benefits, including improved attendance tracking accuracy, streamlined processes, increased compliance, and increased employee satisfaction. Adopting this module allows organizations to manage attendance exceptions more effectively, resulting in a more efficient and productive workforce.

Process of Open HRMS Attendance Regularization:

In the process of Open HRMS Attendance Regularization, the following steps are involved:

1. Select the User and Set "Attendance" Field:

   - Choose the employee for whom attendance regularization is required.

   - Set the "Attendance" field to 'Manual Attendance' to initiate the process.


2. Fill Mandatory Fields and Submit Request:

   - Fill in the necessary details and information in the provided fields.

   - Ensure all mandatory fields are completed accurately.

   - Click "Submit" to send the attendance regularization request.


3. Manager Approval of Request:

   - Once the request is submitted, it generates an attendance request.

   - The responsible manager or authority receives the request for review.

   - The manager has the option to either 'Approve' or 'Reject' the attendance request based on the provided information.

4. Approve Attendance Request:

   - If the manager approves the request, the attendance for the corresponding date will be added.

   - Click on 'Approve' to confirm the request and proceed with adding the attendance to the registry.


5. Updated Attendance in the Registry:

   - After approval, the attendance is successfully added to the attendance registry.

   - The attendance record reflects the regularization and ensures accurate tracking of employee attendance.

By following these steps, the Open HRMS Attendance Regularization module simplifies and streamlines the process of handling attendance for employees who are on on-site jobs or company purposes. It provides an efficient and effective way to manage attendance exceptions and maintain accurate attendance records.


In conclusion, effective attendance management is critical for keeping accurate records and ensuring fair treatment of employees. By providing a streamlined and automated process for managing attendance exceptions, the Open HRMS Attendance Regularization module plays a critical role in enhancing HR operations. Organizations can use this module to optimize their attendance management process, reduce manual efforts, and reduce errors. The module not only ensures that attendance policies are followed but it also contributes to a transparent and fair work environment. The Open HRMS Attendance Regularization module is an invaluable tool for organizations looking to optimize their attendance management practices and foster a productive workforce, thanks to its benefits of improved accuracy, streamlined processes, and increased employee satisfaction.