Complete Employee Recruitment with Open HRMS

The employee's Recruitment operation of the employees should be conducted in the most discrete and definite way possible because there are various constraints well as multiple aspects of considerations to be has done. With the effect of the pandemic, the normalized recruitment operation of the companies has been stopped, with most organizations touring to the online methodology of employee hiring and onboarding. Toady with the amenities such as Video Class, Zoom Interviews, and one testing platform, the aspects of employee recruitment have been simplified to meet the challenges faced due to the pandemic. All thanks to the advancements in technology as well as the internet facilities. However, each operation's effective management is not completed with all other facilities and tools.

There is the tire need for tools that could manage the operation of the employee recruitment to ist almost and filter the process to suits the business needs. Today, some tools and solutions are available to manage the operation with the integration of advanced software solutions to run the recruitment operation of the companies. Open HRMS system is one of such tools p[rocdng the able support for all HR-based processes in an organization. The single platform infrastructure and the dedicated modules of operation that are available add up to the complete and adequate control and management of the employees and the entire HR operations.

This blog will provide insight into how the Recruitment operation of an organization can be conducted effectively with the help of the OpenHRMS platform.

The dedicated HR-specific modules of operation available in the OpenHRMS platform will be valuable tools for the HR department of business of any scale and sector of operation to manage the employees. Today the use of the OpenHRMS platform has been widespread worldwide in offering complete and dedicated employee management based on operational business needs. The capability to undergo any level of customization in major-specific menus of operations is one of the salient features of the OpenHRMS platform, which will be helpful as the business can define the HR management operation and the management aspects of the employees based on the needs.

What is Recruitment Operations?

Acquiring the best candidates for the job possession through various media is always beneficial for the organizations. This will help them find the right fit for the vacant job position. The business will conduct Recruitment operations for multiple Job positions at a time, and each operation's manageability is extremely difficult. The need for a dedicated management system such as the Recruitment Management system(RMS) is much needed. In the next section, we will define what an RMS is.

What is a Recruitment Management System (RMS)?

The definite tools that the business can use to run and manage the operations of the employee hiring operations are called as Recruitment Mmngamnt System. The Open HRMS platform is an effective RMS tool that the business can use. Functioning with distinctive modules of operations, the OpenHRMS platform will cater to the employees' complete management and operation right from the aspects of Recruitment, onboarding, operation, functioning, and off-boarding, which can all be conducted effectively smoothly. Among all the modules defined, the Recruitment module of the OpenHRMS platform is one of the specific aspects. It will help the business hire the best candidates by conducting the Recruitment operation based on the need. Here are certain of the salient features and capabilities of the OpenHRMS Recruitment module, which will benefit the business.

Run multiple recruitment operations at a time

In the OpenHRMS Recruitment module, the Recruitment operation for the various job positions can be conducted simultaneously. This will be beneficial for multinational organizations as well as large-scale establishments. Moreover, you can easily create Job positions for recruitment in the OpenHRMS Recruitment module. The Jop Position menu of the OpenHRMS Recruitment module will provide the users with ample capability to Create and define the Job Positions just as depicted in the following screenshot. In addition, the Number of Applications and the To Recruit candidate numbers will be listed under each of the Job Positions described. Once the Recruitment operations have been completed, the Recruitment Done option can be enabled under each job position defined.


Define Custom Stages of Recruitment operations

In the Recruitment module of the OpenHRMS platform, the Stages under which the Recruitment is conducted can be determined. Moreover, these Stages can be custom-defined based on the need. A dedicated Stages configuration window is available under the Configurations where all the Recruitment Stages of operation will be defined just as depicted in the following screenshot.


To Create new Stages, we can select the Create option available and will be depicted with the creation window just as depicted in the following screenshot. In addition, the Stages can be edited by selecting them and using the Edit option, which is available.


Post the Jobs online and create an interface to submit applications online.

You will be able to conduct effective online recruitment operations where the business can post the Job Position and Vacancies on the company website and on various social media platforms, which will direct the candidates to the company website. Here the candidates can be provided with an application form to be filled out and the required details to be attached.

Define Applications in the distinctive Applications menu.

Once the applications are defined, the users can define the applications under the respective Job Positions defined. Moreover, if the application is received online, the description items will be auto-defined under the respective applications provided by the candidates.


Conduct and modify the stages of the hiring process based on the need.

The need for dedicated tools that will let the business and the HR Team hire the employees through various methodologies and rounds of the selection process is much needed in a company. The OpenHRMS platform will let you define the stages of the hiring process based on the need. The impact of the pandemic has shaken most of the business and has disrupted standard hiring methodologies leading to online ways and the virtual hiring process.

In conclusion, with the Open HRMS platform, the business can conduct effective Recruitment operations for the various job positions keeping up with the Modernization of the ever-changing world.