Secure Data with Employee Database Management System

Adieu to long-running spreadsheets and documents. Thanks to the technological advancements that took place over a period of time, making them work smarter and easier. Today, the HR professionals need not rely on heavy paper bundles of dusty files. Their search is automated via tools like HR software and every quintessential information is brought under a single unified hub called employee database.

The database acts as the vault for storing abundant employee information, at the same time offering quick access to the data. Regardless of the employee size, these applications remain capable of handling abundant employee information and data.

One major hurdle the business face today is sorting the employee info from the accumulated heavy-weight text files and images. Often because of dis-organized data management, businesses are prone to paying penalties and late fines for not submitting data on time. Thus it has become a staple for the business organizations to rearrange the whole system, thus infusing more accuracy and systematization in the information storing and retrieving.

Well! thanks again for the technological advancements. Today, business organizations are flooded with options like HRMS, HRIS, and many others. Luckily, business management has also realized the importance of keeping an automated system at its business end so as to maintain accurate and up-to-date employee data. The automated business application like HR software also offers the feasibility to retrieve employee data whenever demanded.

For example, having an HR software or an employee database management system can bring in multiple business benefits. The automated tool helps to streamline everything from recruitment to training, performance to evaluation, thus making every employee undertaking worry-free and organized. Moreover, the smart search in the application, helps you retrieve the employee data at its quickest, without any moments delay.

The automation endured by these systems helps the management to systematically organize employee database, make information retrieval faster and eradicate content adulteration. Then blink the management can retrieve exactly what they look for. 

 Open HRMS brings you an employee database management system that makes things easier in your end. The management need not fret anymore searching adequate information about an employee. The Open HRMS Employee module, gets everything about an employee at your fingertip, that too in a click.

Open HRMS brings you an all-inclusive employee database management system that helps you streamline and manage employee data from a single point. No matter whether your work is about tracking employee attendance, employee leave, employee timesheets, employee appraisals or employee expenses, from Open HRMS employee dashboard you get to manage and access everything from employee master form. The employee database management system aids the business organization to keep track of employee lifecycle in the company, also bring in improvements in the work culture, in case the scenario demands. 

Have a look:

Employee Master Form: A One-stop floor for any employee data

From the employee master form, you get to see all the information related to an employee like his work address, department, job title, manager, working time and many others. 


The employee master form performs the role of company directory serving as a repository for quick accessing of employee profiles like his name, phone number, designation, birthday, ongoing contracts, loans, leaves, letters, and so forth. Without much stretch of strain, the database management system gives off a preview of employee data.

One gets to see all the employee activities from here. For instance:

Employee General Info


Employee Contract


Employee Badges


Employee Challenges


Employee Departments



The list goes endless. 

HR Documents: Store and Manage Any Kind of Employee Document

The Employee database module efficiently stores and manage employee documents running from bonds, contracts, certificates, license, passport, etc. And the most striking part is, the user gets notified when any of these documents reach their expiry date. 


Thus quick actions can be taken by the management to make changes in the document. Within a couple of clicks, the management can place the documents back in the sought manner.

HR Data Analytics & Metrics

The employee database management system can also be a strong indicator of change in management. With insightful reports and big data onboard, the HR professionals can easily solve business challenges like turnover, extra time and headcount. What's more, the correct information can open the gates for key learnings to support you and your group to settle on increasingly educated choices. For example, the metrics can help you draw insightful conclusions like what is the root cause behind rising employee turnover? Which department suffers from the highest employee turnover rate? you may What's the main driver? Is there an administration issue? Is worker commitment excessively low? And so on. With key metrics and data analytics, these queries can be answered and rightly measured.

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