Employee Disciplinary Tracking Module in Open HRMS

Open HRMS Disciplinary Tracking is one of the important components of Open HRMS software, a complete suite of application for seamless management of human resource in an organization. Open HRMS Disciplinary Tracking module helps in tracking and maintaining every disciplinary norm in the business organization or company, also in efficiently handling the disciplinary issues of the employees in an organization.

No matter how big or small a business is, tracking the employee discipline comes as a major responsibility of the HR Manager for the smooth conduction of work and office. It is the sole responsibility of the HR Manager to maintain discipline at the workplace, track the disciplinary violations made by employees followed by taking necessary actions against the employees for their conduct.

If it is a large workforce like a company with multiple branches and thousands of employees, it becomes very difficult for the HR Manager to solely perform the task. Inder Open HRMS Disciplinary tracking module, the manager can retort to disciplinary issues against employees. Using the module platform, the employees can later give explanations against the issues and submit them to the Manager. Open HRMS Disciplinary Module also helps the employees in submitting the additional information details that stand supportively to their explanation. The manager can take then take the final action against the employee upon the explanation cited in the module.


1. The manager can assign disciplinary issues to the employees.

2. Employees give explanations and submit it to the manager.

3. The manager can take the final action against the employee according to the explanation.

4. The manager can create ‘Discipline Action Categories’ and  ‘Discipline Reason Categories’.

Discipline Action Categories

The manager can take disciplinary actions against the employee according to the explanation. Also can create the different types of disciplinary actions. If the explanation made by the employee is satisfied, the manager can select the ‘No Action’ option. Also, he can take the actions like ‘Written Warning’,’Suspension’,’Termination’ with content letters according to the employee explanation.


1. Install the module “Open HRMS Disciplinary Tracking” 

2. Select the Employee.

3. Select the Disciplinary ‘Reason’.The manager can also create new types of disciplinary reasons.

4. Click ‘Proceed’ to assign to the employee.


1. Give the Explanation (By employee).

2. Employees can give additional information as attachments.

3. Click ‘Submit’ to submit the explanation to the manager.


4. Select the ‘Action’ according to the explanation. If the explanation is satisfied manager can select the option ‘No Action’.In other cases, he can select the other options and have to fill up the ‘Action Information’


5. Fill up the ‘Action Information’ according to the selected action.

6. Click ‘Validate Action’ to validate the disciplinary action.


7. Click ‘Discipline’ button to view the assigned disciplinary actions.


You can download the module from the following link :

Open HRMS Disciplinary Tracking

Open HRMS Core