How is the OpenHRMS tool customizable and helpful for business?

The Human Resource management operations of any company have vital importance of the operations in any organization. The need for a dedicated system of management of operations of the HR department and its functions is vital for the business as it will drive the aspects of the entire functioning of the organization. From the earlier stages of business establishment, long before the industrialization era, there were numerous methodologies of functioning which were practiced to supervise the employees functioning. These included hiring a dedicated employee to manage the subordinate employees, drafting the schedule of operations for the entire employees, and allocating a specific department for the entire operation, the HR department.

In this fast-paced and modernized world, advanced operations tools that support the business’s fundamental aspects are much required. As the HR department operations management will pave the way for the effective management of the employees, which will provide the complete manageability of the business they need of dedicated tools of operations is vital. The dedicated HR management tools will come up as the right choice for business operations. Moreover, there are numerous HR operations and management tools that rea available in the market. These software solutions will cater for effective management and the complete manageability of the operations of the HR department of the business.

OpenHRMS is a dedicated HR management solution that is available to bring in advanced operations capabilities to the HR department, providing the complete operations control of the HR operations. Crafted in one single platform with advanced operations tools and process capabilities, the OpenHRMS software will pave the way for effective employee management by bringing in high levels of efficiency and the advanced capabilities and management of the operations. Moreover, with a dedicated infrastructure of individual modules which will cater to each of the application-specific processes, the process of the HR department will be made simple. It can be functioned with at most efficiency and productivity.

One of the other key features of the OpenHRMS platform is its customizability, which will provide the capability to be defined in any form of business of operation and methodology. This feature will help the OpenHRMS platform be determined based on the operational and functional needs of the companies. 

This blog will provide insight into the customizability aspects of the OpenHRMS platform.

Define the Shifts and Leaves

Each of the organization’s functions with a different form of shift-based operations and a different culture of leaves; therefore, an HR management solution should cater to each of these aspects based on the establishment’s needs in which they have been deployed. With the OpenHRMS platform, you can define the timing of the shift operation along with the intervals and breaks. Furthermore, the leaves on which the employees will be given a holiday can also be defined. This will ensure that the employees are functioning aspects of the deceived terminologies and they are well informed on the operational aspects of the work timings and leaves.

Define the Salary Structure

In an organization, the employees will be functioning based on different formats of agreement; a certain of them will be based on contract, or full time or can be part-time employees. This is defined based on the terms of the agreement they have signed at the time of recruitment and based on the organization’s need. The salary structure and the pay rate of each employee can be defined based on the market. Further, the employee payslips will be generated in OpenHRMS based on the employee attendance and the salary structure defined for the operations.

Customize your recruitment activities

Each company will have a specific policy to follow while undergoing the recruitment process conducted in different stages to find the right candidates for the vacant positions in the organization. With the OpenHRMS platform, you will be able to define a distinctive recruitment process for your organization, which can all be conducted online with the right interfacing tools to help you run the recruitment process o be performed smoothly and efficiently.

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

The employees’ welcoming and send-off aspects can be defined through the onboarding and off-boarding operations of the OpenHRMS platform, where all its elements can be custom-defined based on the parts. All of it can be custom-defined based on the functional news. In addition, the Onboarding and the Offboarding operations that are being defined can be modified and eradicated, or new ones can be added at any time you want with the OpenHRMS platform.

Employee survey

With the Survey module available in the OpenHRMS platform, you will be able to define customized employee surveys that will act as feedback from the employees. These Surveys can be custom-designed anytime you want while functioning with the OpenHRMS platform, which will help the company improve in the HR operations aspects and add up to the productivity aspects of the company and the employee operations.

Define distinctive Employee benefits and Appraisal aspects

Employee Appraisal and distribution of good benefits are vital for employee satisfaction while working in an organization. With the OpenHRMS platform, you will be able to define the distinctive aspects of Employee appraisals and define the correct parameters for the employees to meet them. Moreover, each of the employees will be able to request the Appraisal with the Appraisal Request tool available in the Odoo platform.

Furthermore, the Employee Benefits such as the additional payment, bonus, vacation aspects, and many more can be custom-defined with the OpenHRMS platform, and the criteria to achieve those can also be defined, which will severely motivate the employees to work hard and improve the performance and efficiency to achieve those.

These are all parameters for certain customizable aspects available in the OpenHRMS tool, which will favor the business to define the dedicated and customized way of operations allowing the platform to function based on their own needs.