How to Choose an HR Software System?

“Do not let you fall into the trap of well-weaved flowery descriptions while hunting your HR software. Do not let you fall into the tempting ocean of hyped promises and advantages laid by the leading HR software systems. Take time and indulge yourself into the deep dissection of blanket term HR before you step in to make a viable choice for your business. Because your choice becomes a catalyst for your business growth.”

The need for a human resource tool in the business is not only advancing but also becoming inevitable. The HR systems are continuously growing and expanding their base in order to meet the uprising challenges in the field of human resource. If you take note of different HR software systems like Zoho, Bamboo HR, Dayforce HCM or Gusto, you can see that they have a different style of architectures but aims in complete fulfillment of the organization’s HR needs. 

Today, the industry has radically shifted its focus to the concept of software-as-a-service (SAAS), making it slightly different from the yester. The benefits of SaaS Business model weigh much more than the traditional on-premise software installations. SAAS business model totally eliminates the upfront license fees, easing clients to scale up and down their expenditure. SAAS charges the business on user-based metrics such as the number of users, the number of interactions made and so forth. 

Secondly, it offers clients high flexibility. Customers are relieved from the “fear” of paying an extra sum for a product that may or may not match their business need forever. Thus SAAS has a large share of benefits to offer its clients when it comes to its adoption. Taking this into the note, Open HRMS is now available in the SAAS business model. The software has already carved its niche in the segment of open source human resource management tool, offering extensive functionalities in the management of human assets. Be it the operational effectiveness or fulfilling the global capabilities, Open HRMS stand tall in defining the concept of a complete human resource management tool. 

But no matter what different brands or different HR business models proclaim, it is ultimately the customer who should make a viable choice understanding his real need. 

A system evaluation and selection is not a recurring processor that happens very often. It is a one- time firmness that ultimately decides your development and profitability. Therefore, it is advised that the customer refresh their knowledge before embarking on a project. It is instructed that the business thoroughly evaluate their mission, objectives, future changes and workflow before making their choice.


Open HRMS in the mission of simplifying your decision-making process hereby points a few checks that you should follow while choosing your HR software. To read more about the importance of How to Choose HR Software, refer to our blog How to Choose HR Software

Define your functionalities.

Without a proper strategy and plan, you cannot rightly focus on your agenda of implementing or choosing an HR software. Before you browse the best HR software in the market, it is advocated that you jot down your requirements, jot down the necessary feature and functions that your HR software should possess.  You can find the abundant number of the HR software system in the market promising varied extensive features. But it’s not mandatory that they exactly match your business requirements. Choosing an open-source HR management system can ease your process to a great extent. It lays the possibilities of future customization, making it perfectly pitched to your business need. Secondly, it saves you from large upfront costs/implementation costs. As you grow your business, the open source HR software gives you the freedom to scale up your requirement. 

Set good requirements.

It is crucial to incorporate every useful zone(FUNCTIONAL) in your system. Discovery sessions should evoke the majority of the prerequisites required for the software framework. Consider the using of an integrated human resource management system so as to keep all your priorities on the note. Global requirements and nuances ought to dependably be considered. Regardless of whether your organization isn't worldwide today, the assessment is choosing for the future; it takes one decision before the organization could require worldwide/global usefulness. The requirements ought to dependably consider so that the software remain versatile to any future corporate changes.

Implement leading-edge technology.

Not all organizations will utilize up-to-date technologies in a similar way. But it is important they you stay abreast of technologies so as to firm your leg space in the competitive market. These technical innovations can incorporate a portion of the further developed types of direct access, versatile innovation, and social media. It very well may be difficult to completely see how workers may utilize the newer technology, but don't belittle the technical knowledge of representatives, as everybody is tech-savvy these days. Consider- are the mobile features working in your application, also consider which browser versions will be upheld.

Conduct product demonstrations.

Prior to going for product demonstration, have your group to examine the apparent qualities and shortcomings of every software solution, and zones they think to require specific attention. Inform your affiliates prior, the way you need the features to be illustrated. It will make the demo simpler to review. Ensure the demo concentrates on the highlights your organization needs and not on the ones that look the most noteworthy on screen. 

Secondly, pose questions during the demo. On the off chance that somebody in the group has an inquiry, for example, regardless of whether the report at present being exhibited can be altered, ensure they ask while the demo is going on. It will be simpler to find an unmistakable solution in the event that you pose a question when they jump out at you. 

Most importantly understand the difference between standard capacities and "additional features." Some product organizations give essential capacities yet then make you buy extras that come standard in other software packages. Therefore, confirm which features are incorporated into the core pricing and which must be purchased independently.

Utilize decision drivers.

Rather purely depending on the demo offered by the service providers, consider the below decision drivers as your focal segments in making HR software choices. Consider the vendor viability and technology as the premium prospects. 

Vendor ViabilityTechnology
Return on investmentService and support
Ease of integrationBusiness Segmentation
Operational effectivenessGlobal capabilities

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