HR Department Roles and Responsibilities

HR department is one of the key department in a company or organization. In the starting periods, the HR department had no big tasks to perform rather than basic employee handling and record keeping. But as time passed, globalization struck the market, everywhere changes were happening. Each and every sector in an organization start transforming themselves so as to cope up with the essential change. In this changing culture HR department also evolved, in the present day world HR department acts as a bridge between the employee and the organization. Everything related to the employee and organization has to go through this bridge to happen. The HR departments work structure has completely changed in the modern day world. For the smooth functioning of an organization HR department and the ideas they put forward is a must. The roles and responsibilities of the HR department carry out is very important. In this blog let’s have a brief look at the different roles and responsibilities of the HR department.

There are a lot of roles which the HR perform in an organization. Let’s look at the major roles carried out by the HR department;

Selector: the HR department is responsible for recruiting new talents into an organization. The HR should verify the applicant and make sure he fit in for the position and go with the flow of the organization.

Trainer: HR is responsible for giving initial training for the new recruits. This includes giving awareness about their job, making them understand about the company policies etc.

Moderator: the HR will be the moderator between the company and the employee. Any matter of the employee or the company shall be passed to both the parties via the HR channel only.

Organizer: the HR is responsible for organizing various programs associated with an organization.

Leader: HR is responsible for creating a positive influence among the employees and the company through his/her smart work.

Motivator: in case of any problem situation which arises from the employee side the HR should find out about the problem, know what the employee is going through and motivate him.


These all are the roles carried out by the HR department. For the proper development of an organization, the employee organization channel should be transparent and threat free. For making this happen the HR department’s assistance is very much needed. There are a lot of important responsibilities which the HR department has to carry out for the smooth functioning of an organization. Let’s go through the main responsibilities of the HR department.


One of the major responsibilities of the HR department. Recruiting new talents to an organization is a strenuous task. This has to be carried out without space for any errors also. The various steps in the recruitment process include finding out the openings, sort out applicants, invite them for the interview and select the most suitable applicant.


Another responsibility of the HR department is the training given for the new employee. The HR should make sure that the new recruit is undergoing proper training without flaws and he is developing his skill set through proper training. The HR should have a proper follow up of the new recruit until he is ready to face the job front confidently.

Employee development

Employee development is also one of the important responsibility of the HR department. The employee development can be made possible through various strategies like appraisals which give the employee to know about himself, know his weak points and strongholds and thus transforming himself for working to the fullest, effective communication with the employee which reduce the communication gap between employee and an organisation, which in turn can create transparent working environment, giving proper incentives if the employee performs extraordinary and thus developing his work enthusiasm. Thus employee development responsibility of the HR department is carried out.


Maintaining the work culture

This is a very important responsibility of the HR department because only when a nice work culture is maintained in the office productive work will be ensured from the side of the employees. To make this happen fun-filled and friendly environment can be introduced in the office and the HR department can show some good attitude which will surely promote a good working culture.

Resolving problems

When some problems arise between the employee and the organization it is the responsibility of the HR department to resolve these problems and find a proper solution for it. Same is the case when conflict arises in between employees.

Knowledge about legal formalities

The HR should have some basic knowledge about the basic legal employee laws like labor law, tax law, working hours, minimum wages, no discrimination policies etc. this is an important responsibility since the office rules and regulations, pay scale, leaves etc. should be formulated strictly obeying these laws.

Employee management

The HR department is responsible for managing employees. The attendance of the employees, their late comings, leaves etc. are totally maintained by the HR department.

Payroll functions

The HR is also responsible for the payroll activities. Starting with the employee salary and everything related to it is under the HR management process. The wage cuts, reimbursements, payslips, etc. come under this category.