HR Reminder Management in OpenHRMS

Open HRMS is a software contributed by cybrosys which is complete suit for HR management. It is simple, easy to use and intuitive tool for helping employees and management to perform at full potential, boosting the productivity and overall employee satisfaction. Open HRMS offers a 360-degree overview of employee and their skills. 

HR Reminder is a supporting App comes under the Open HRMS. This app helps to memorize all necessary and important dates in an HR domain. Through this blog, I will explain how to configure a reminder for any area of HR management such as recruitments, leaves, insurances etc..

How to Set a Reminder?
Goto Hr Reminder > Create 


Model: You can choose the hr domain to set reminder such as leaves, recruitment,etc..
Fields:  Date field in the chosen domain, to be notified.
Search By:  Mode of Searching the dates such as Today, Within a period or on a fixed date.
Reminder Before: Notification is shown before the number of days that is set.
Reminder Expiry: You can set the reminder expiration date, Otherwise it automatically expires   once the end date or  set date is over

Above shown example is a reminder for Insurance renewal date. When we set this reminder, a popup of all the list of employees whose renewal date within the period/date is shown. This way HR manager or the concerned authorities can easily send renewal information to Insurance company.
These are just examples. Similarly, we can set reminders for all the models under Human Resource Management.

Search Options:
Mode of Searching the dates such as Today, Within a period or on a fixed date.
> Today
Today: Compares to the current date.
> Set Date
Set Date: Compares with the given date.


> Set Period
Set Period: Reminder is set within the period/time frame(Start date - End date)


Pop-Up Button For Reminder:
In the top bar menu, We have a button for the HR reminders. Click the button and Select the reminder from the list of reminders. Then the result of the reminder with detailed information is shown. 


Result :

Download OpenHRMS: HR Reminder Module