HR Software in Dubai

Open HRMS provides high class and refined service of Human Resource Management and Payroll Management for the countries like Dubai,  Abu Dhabi, UAE, Qatar, Sharjah etc. Open HRMS in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Sharjah can bring in many qualitative changes like enhanced employee productivity, better employee management, efficient payroll system, robust attendance regularization and more in the company store. Open HMRS acts as a fully customizable and cost-effective management tool for seamless business operations pertaining to human resources in Dubai and other GCC countries.

If you are looking for a Human Resource Management Software for Dubai or UAE, Open HRMS acts as the right choice for many reasons. 

In recent times there witnessed a significant rise in the demand and importance of HR and Payroll Management tool for countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Sharjah. Many GCC companies have changed their management focus to the strategic planning and better resource allocations to derive best results and profits. The companies of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or UAE have shifted their prime focus into managing the intricacies pertaining to employee performance and engagements. 

Here comes the role of HR Software in Dubai and other GCC countries, with integrated HR Document Management, Payroll managing, Attendance Tracking, Processing Leaves, and other Emoluments, Employee Appraisal and Reporting, Disciplinary Tracking and more. 

Open HRMS, the open source Human Resource Management Software for Dubai, Sharjah, UAE, and Abu Dhabi can act as a unique and complete suite of Human resource management for handling the complete Human Resource life cycle of the organization. No, matter your company is small or big, simple or complex in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Sharjah, HR Software like Open HRMS provide full functionality and flexibility in affordable cost. 

Open HRMS feature functionality includes:


Open HRMS can act as a smart and unique HR software for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and UAE as the Open HRMS comes with integrated module titled Open HRMS GOSI Contribution. This module of Open HRMS, the HR software is exclusively crafted keeping in mind the requirements of people residing in UAE and other Gulf countries. The module takes care of every social insurance functions coming under GOSI.

In short, Open HRMS, the HR software will showcase the finest Human resource management improving workforce management efficiently in Dubai, Sharjah UAE and Abu Dhabi. Open HRMS comes as an all-inclusive suite of application with WPS Compliance, Employee Protection, Payroll management, Workforce portal, Robust administration, Intuitive Reporting, and various business intelligence tools, nailing themselves as the best HR Software in Dubai and other GCC countries. 

Open HRMS offers all the basic and advanced requirements pertaining to human resource management helping the companies to connect every level of employees and managing the employee needs perfectly and efficiently, ultimately giving the well-defined and streamlined workflow management.