HR Trends 2020

Today the technology is superseding every human intervention that was earlier demanded in carrying various actions of our day to day living. However, today, there hardly exists a complete role of humans in carrying any task. In a minor or major percentage, the human actions and performances get controlled and ruled by the directions of technology they adopt. Hardly there can be anyone who can behave alien in the world of technologies. Living in a space where there is continuous birth to new innovations and changes, hardly, we can resist ourselves from going nearby to the advancements. After all life under austerity is never liked by humans. Knowingly or unknowingly, we become a part of it and takes the help of various technological means to carry our work, be it personal or professional.

To fast forward the future, we badly need the help of technology to do so and Human Resource is no bit different from this. Instead, Human Resource has to be all more mindful to underpin every activity associated with it.

With a new year next by, it is time for the HR professionals to take note of fresh adaptations in their human resource management circle. It is the time that the HR professionals design or coin new HR Trends for the upcoming new year to empower their workers and cultivate a healthier and productive work environment.

HR Trends 2020 should be diverse. After all, it is all about employees or people. Diverse approaches can bring in little yet an impactful change in the day-to-day work of employees. However, the most important factor prior to framing any new HR trends for 2020, is understanding your current business position and your current HR strategies and policies. It is very essential that you grasp on where you stand now. A clear understanding of this helps in framing more impactful trends in HR.

This article jots down certain new things that can be implemented at your workplace for improving the work culture and environment. If you feel it’s worth it, you can wisely choose and practice them at your office. So without further fuss, let’s get to the topic.

HR Analytics

The term may be familiar to many. Because the importance of HR Analytics has been stressed for decades. The HR department is one of the business department that is always into the collection of certain kinds of data. However, the question is how far the department is utilizing the data in the right manner. Often the pertinent information gets subdued in the sea of information. However, with HR Analytics, the information or data gets it right.

With HR Analytics, one can correctly identify and analyze employee-related issues. Eventually, it helps in creating better working environments for employees and better profits for business organizations. What’s more, the business gets powered with evidence-based data to mark lapse and bring in more result-oriented changes in the work.

So, if the business hasn’t made use of HR Analytics till now, they can be right incorporation in your HR Trends 2020. HR Analytics can ensure your business with greater predictive analytics on employees also helps you to underpin business decisions related to employee recruiting and employee performance.

Artificial Intelligence

For many blending artificial intelligence in work is bringing in robots to your workplace. However, this is not true. AI is infusing certain algorithm in the practice that helps us to retrieve that source of data, that do something beyond what it was originally coded for.

With the infusion of Artificial intelligence in HR, it can truly revolutionize the business culture via more big data for analysis. The employees will start experiencing increased speed, accuracy, and qualitative delivery in their end. From manipulating information to triggering responses, everything gets automated intelligently and smartly.

Business decisions get made quicker and correct. For instance, infusing artificial intelligence in HR operations helps the business with employee recruiting and training. The business without spending much time in research and planning, can filter the creamy layer of candidates and start hiring.  Artificial intelligence much like Big Data or HR analytics helps in predicting certain needs, say when to hire for certain positions in the office.

In short, it gives employees more time to run their operation smooth. It also evades from drowning in paper piles or boredom daily routines. From tracking business operations to creating valuable business insights, Artificial intelligence has great significance in HR.

The adoption of AI HR models will boost business relevance and accountability.

Workforce Planning

Workforce versatility, changing social needs and a consistently developing business contract among worker and manager, will keep on moving exponentially. As of it, HR should create a comfy work environment, where workers can choose temps, part-clocks, and FTEs. Freedom should be given to the employee to choose where and when they work.  New models of workforce arranging should be formed considering these changing social needs just as the effect of tech. Where, when and how individuals work will be a developing inquiry in which HR should respond in due order regarding every one of their organizations. This will likewise challenge ability improvement, putting resources into aptitudes, the commitment of an appropriated and dynamic workforce, remuneration models and authority of such a workforce. The business will seek HR for answers.

Virtual Reality

Illusion always fascinates people. And this is the secret mantra of virtual reality being adopted in the Human Resource field. Today, many companies are into adopting virtual reality in their HR practices of recruiting talents, providing them the onboarding, fostering empathy at work.

Infusion of virtual reality helps the businesses to prior experience the candidates the working environment of the company, the job requirements, in short, the real-life atmosphere the employee going to experience once he marks his foot in the company or the organization.

Creating a good-feel experience thus can bring more applicants on board. What’s more implementing measuring yardsticks using virtual reality in recruitments processes, helps the HR professionals to ascertain the quality, behavior and other characteristics of the recruit.

Thus both the potential candidate as well as the management can easily forecast their coming time with each other. Via VR interfaces, it becomes easy to assess the company by applicants and easy to assess candidates by the management.


Technical innovations will unquestionably disrupt various occupations crosswise business enterprises. This has already started however will heighten exponentially. Therefore, being a part of the HR club, we need to proactively get ready for this consequence of change.

Anticipating the effect can be one of your HR Trends for 2020. You should start working on re-skilling programs for individuals who will be influenced by this new change. The organizations should find out the alternate modes of employment on time so as to protect itself from social issues, money-related emergencies, business hazards, moreover the eventual fate of numerous families.

Personalizing HR

If you endure with lack of commitment and energy from employees, it’s high time that you personalize your HR strategies. Ultimately the employee experience is what drives the company safe on the track. Today, many organizations strongly feel that employees aren’t grateful to the organization. They can be simply lured by other’s gimmicks.

So to shift back the attention of employees back to the organization one has to bring a certain level of changes in customizing present HR. The employees should be provided with a certain degree of freedom rather than micro-managing them every time. Moreover, timely revision in work, employee pay/ benefits can bring certain kinds of freshness and equalization in the work platform. The culture change, indeed a personalized culture change can ensure more focus, attentional and commitment from the side of employees towards the organization.

This new year, let us transform how we treat employees in the workplace. Let these new HR trends bring some freshness and warmth in employee management triggering more results and enthusiasm.

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