Importance of Integrating Social Media in HRMS

Gone are those days, where you insist your workers to switch off their cellphones and then enter the workplace. Because, earlier the organizations feared that the usage of cellphones, especially the usage of social media in the workplace would hamper the work duties of the employee. However, today the draconian practice is no more prevalent because today is the era of social media. It is the social media platforms that adore the successful run of companies. It acts as an image-building platform for a company or individual, helping them to associate themselves with their co-participants. The virtual reality has conquered almost all industry domains and human resource is no exception from others.
Indeed, human resource is one such stream that reportedly has greater benefits from integrating with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In. Because today there exists no individual without a single account in social media platforms. In one or the other they hold an account for their own professional or personal interest.

Thus the organizations using human resource management tool at their workplace should insist for integration with social media so as to keep them firm in the competitive edge.

Let us see one by one the benefits human resource management system can acquire via social media integration.

Better pooling of talents

Earlier, the mediums like print and electronic greatly influenced in pooling right talents to the workplace. The advertisement given in newspapers and other leading medium were reaching large potential ears drawing sufficient result. However, today the culture of the audience has significantly changed. With the adoption of social media platforms, overprint and electronic diminished the glittering of early printed letters and images. Today, rather waiting for the company to advertise certain positions,  the younger generation, go for self-advertising themselves so that they get noticed and listed among the seekers prior to time. This radical shift in portrayal is urging the human resource management system in quick adoption of social media integration.

If you want to catch a big fish, you should spread the net into that part of the ocean where they live. Likewise, if you want the highly talented and expertise for the job position, you should fish in those social media platform where they adorn themselves.

If your HRMS is integrated with social media, both the HR Manager and job aspirant can connect with each other without many layers of formalities. It becomes easy for the HR manager to communicate easily their current openings and it becomes highly easier for the aspirant to collect relevant information about the company. The decision making within the recruitment process gets simplified by 30%.

Image building
For any organization, public relation is a crucial factor. The successful run of any business depends on the image the company has built among the public. And in this era of social media, image is built in this platform. Each organization has to constantly work on image building say on a daily basis.

Employees keep interacting with social media on a daily basis and they openly discuss the pros and cons of their company in the public. Moreover, there exist several platforms like a glass door, that allows your workers to publish their comments about the company. This eventually reflects the company image among the public. The potential customers alongside, the job seekers they mentally build the image of your organization based on these posted comments. Thus integrating HRMS with social media, the business organizations get a real insight into employee opinion thus can make bring changes in their strategies to make it more efficient and praiseworthy.

Promotion of product
No matter, how advanced your technology was or how much effort you took to bring live a product or service. Ultimately the product success is its sale. To get a product sold, it should first reach the mass. And integrating with social media, the HRMS tool can promote their product or service. Encouraging your employees to write blogs on products, sharing the information pieces among their friend circle, help the information get spread without any disparity of age, knowledge or other measures. Both learning and knowledge gain can be achieved through social media integration. At one side employee’s knowledge about the product get more strengthened, secondly, it improves the networking among workers in the same domain and thirdly, the information gets spread to all working in the same domain, giving more reach to the product or service.

Rather being a mere plug-in added to the HRMS, social media will perform as a critical tool for managing internal and external public. Both employees and customers can be managed via HRMS integration with social media. Customer-centric marketing, sales, connection building can be seamlessly carried through a mix of HRMS with social media.

In short, the blend can act as a mainstream business tool influencing users across generations.

Transparent employee relation
With modern businesses, they go for the latest advancements in technology for any communication or conduct. Today many modern businesses prefer communicating employees via social media platforms. Rather writing emails addressing to each individual, they seek employees to follow their tweets in the Twitter platform. They prefer the workforce to follow on Twitter to know what is happening with the company. Similarly, Facebook and LinkedIn. Every important announcement, notifications, and other communications can be automated using HRMS and then disseminated over social media for employee’s consumption. HRMS thus integrating the social profiles, makes information sharing all easier and builds a transparent bond with employees.

If you think integrating with social media only paves one-way communication i.e. employer to employee, you are wrong. It also enhances the communication from other direction too i.e. employee to employer. If the social profiles of employees get integrated with HRMS, the management can seamlessly track their employee activity via their profiles without being draconian or over-interfering.

The taboo of HR departments being highly secretive can be erased easily via this open communication forum.
One of the most significant employments of social media is analytics. There are analytical platforms accessible today and a portion of these can be incorporated into the HRMS that you are utilizing. HR Analytics causes you to increase careful and helpful data about your representatives and you could even foresee their conduct later on.

This causes you to think of strategies in regards to how IT and internet-based life can be utilized inside your organization. The social examination can likewise be utilized to test your items before you dispatch them in the market. In some cases, your own workers are incredible proving grounds for your items and administrations. How they impart about your items will uncover increasingly about how fruitful your items will be.

To conclude,

Social media will keep on assuming a significant job in the manner we speak with one another. It is an inseparable piece of our lives and there is a motivation behind why organizations are starting to incorporate HRMS with online life.

Incorporating social media with HRMS just has favorable circumstances and there are no drawbacks thusly.

Consequently, alone, it is a smart thought to tweak your HRMS to incorporate social profiles, social correspondence, and other social highlights so as to receive the rewards. Also, your workers will as of now be acquainted with long-range informal communication devices. Incorporating social media inside HRMS will really be a motivating force for your workers to utilize your HRMS all the more frequently. This implies, your HRMS implementation will be a triumph.