Open HRMS Custody Management System

As we have discussed earlier, Open HRMS has different modules which can help different operations of the human resources management wings.

Custody is an important module that has been added to this application by Cybrosys, the developers of the Open HRMS tool. In this blog, we can find out the different features of the Custody Module.

Custody modules is a software tool that helps a company to transparently manage the properties owned by the company. The properties or assets of the company could include machines as well as laptops or other tools which are distributed among the employees.

Benefits of custody module

> Efficient management of company resources

> Easy tracking of company properties

> Ensures accountability 

> Less chance for mismanagement of company assets

> Theft of assets could be avoided as every movement is tracked

> Can assure proper support for maintenance and repair

> Asset sharing between departments made easy

We can now check the key features of the custody module.


Entering the custody module we can view many tabs including custody request



The basic functions offered by this module are custody creation, property management, and report generation.

So, we can check what a custody request is and how a custody request is created.


When we click on Custody Request

We will be taken to the custody page

This page gives us a view of all the custody requests. This is the view that is accessible for a human resources manager or team member. 

That means, the HR team can view all custody requests submitted by different employees under the custody menu. Besides, this menu can be accessed by all employees to create new custody requests. The employees can also manage their already-created custody requests.

From the above image, we can find that the custody request has a code, employee, property, reason, requested date, and date of the return date

Let us see what these indicate

Code: An exclusive code or reference number

Employee: A person or employee who is raising the request

Property: The asset or property for which the request is raised

Reason: The purpose for raising the request

Request Date: The date on which the request is raised

Return Date: The date on which the employee is planning to return the asset.

With the help of this module, employees can raise requests for company resources and make use of these facilities in a transparent way.

AS we have discussed the importance of the custody module we can now check the method to raise custody request

Let us make use of the create tab for this purpose.

We get a form view then


In this form, we have different columns like 

Employee: The employee who is raising the request

Property: The asset that is requested

Reason: Why do you raise the request

The text box below helps us to add notes. Notes feature can be used to add any additional information regarding the asset or the reason for requesting the property. 

Once the employee completes the request they can make use of the SEND for APPROVAL tab. 

This will shift the request from the draft stage to waiting for approval. That means, the request has been sent to the HR wing or other responsible persons and the employee is waiting for approval. When the manager clicks on the requests, the person will get all requests. Clicking open the request, the manager will have the option to APPROVE  or REFUSE. 

Once the Approve button is used the status of the request also changes to approved. Then the remaining stage is returned. The user can click this option when returning the form.

As the form has columns to add request date and return date, the HR wing will be able to allocate company products to different employees based on these dates. For example, Employee A of Cybrosys is raising a request for a laptop. Just imagine that all the laptops are present with the employees. Employee A wants a laptop from April 10 and will return the laptop on April 12. On checking the requests and matching the product, the HR team finds that employee C will be returning the laptop on April 10. In this case, they can allocate the laptop returned by B to C.

Renew Custody

An employee can also send custody requests by mail or renew the custody of the property.

This can be done using the Renew button.

On clicking this button we get a pop-up where we can provide the renewal date and other details.


Property Return

Open HRMS custody module gives a Return button to return the product with the help of the software tool.

Like Renew option this also is available in the Custody form.


The user can either click on the return button or renew the custody.

Property creation and management

Now we have created a custody request. But we forgot to create a property. Actually, we have to enlist all properties of our company using this application so that we can track every movement. If all the assets are enlisted under the properties, we can easily select the asset or property from the list whenever we create a custody request.

Let us see how a property is created.

For this, we can go to Open HRMS> Custody> Property


We can find a few enlisted properties under this tab.

We have only three properties here and they are laptop, seminar hall, and car.

We can create as many properties as we want with a few clicks. We can use the Create button and add the necessary details.


The above given is the Property form where we can add details like the name of the product and the type of property. We can choose between no connection, assets, and products. 

We can also make use of the text box to add property descriptions. 

This is how the Open HRMS Custody module functions. If you feel that this module can add value to your internal operations you can contact us without any hesitation. For details visit. Open HRMS is a dedicated human resources management solution that can ease the operations of the human resources personnel. At the same time, it will benefit the employees by helping them effortlessly manage all their personal documents and ensure hurdle-free communication.

OpenHRMS is the right solution for your business if you're looking for HR management software for managing your employees.