Open HRMS- Employee Resignation Management

The Human Resources Management Wing of an organization performs many tasks. Some of them are employee recruitment, employee payroll management, time off, and attendance management. Another major task of the human resources wing is the management of employee resignation.

Employee resignation or employee exit is a process that requires a set of procedures and documentation. Resignation is not just the dropping of paper and leaving the organization. Instead, it is a process that needs much attention and coordination of the human resources wing. 

on management requires a system to manage the full and final settlement of the employee. It should also include the clearing of dues and the management of employee certificates and expenses. The process requires email support as well as proper interaction between the employee and the human resources team.

Resignation requests, approval of resignation requests,s and rejection of resignation requests should also be managed efficiently by the team. As manual management of resignation can be a tiresome task at times, ERP tools have started taking over the resignation management tasks.

The ERP HRM tool will help the business or organization to manage resignation online. It will also help the HR management teams to complete the tasks by following a strict time schedule.

The user will be able to manage different resignation-related activities in an organized manner with the help of the tool.

Now we have checked the key operations performed by the HR wing during the resignation of an employee. Let us check the benefits of the human resources management software tools for managing different operations.

We can also have a glance at how we can benefit from the Open HRMS Resignation module.


Open HRMS is a human resources management tool that can help the human resources wing to manage different tasks. Open HRMS being an open-source software tool is an ever-growing and developing HR management solution that is suitable for every business. Being Open Source software that can develop constantly, Open HRMS ensures the best R management solutions for any business. We have already installed different modules and Resignation is one such module. 


We have already installed different modules as part of Open HRMS. 

Resignation Module


As we have installed the Resignation module we can see the employee resignation details in the dashboard.

This dashboard gives us a glimpse of all employee resignation requests and resignation approval. Employee resignation creation and other activities are also performed with the help of this page.

Resignation Request 


With the help of this page, we can get a glance of all employee resignation requests and along with the details.

We can access all employee details including the name of the employee who is resigning, the name of the department where he works, etc. We can also find the employee contract details here. We can also check the joining date of the employee here. It also helps us to find out the last working day of the employee.

The approved last date of the employee along with resignation type and notice period details can be accessed from this page itself. We can view the option status on the right-hand side and this helps us to view the status of the resignation request.

The create button which is given in blue helps the employee to create the resignation request.

Create Resignation


This is a platform where we can create employee resignation requests. The employee can create the request and send it for approval. 

Employee Details

In this form, we have three segments and employee details are one of them.

Employee details include the name of the employee, department, and employee contract.


Here we have selected Anita Oliver as an Employee. Then the department and employee contract gets updated automatically.

Resignation Details 


Below this tab, we can select Resignation details including Type of resignation and reason for resignation. 

The two default types in the form are Normal Resignation and Fired by the Company.

Reason: The employee can fill the reason for resignation with the help of this column



We can fill in the details and the notice period as mentioned in the employee contract.

Confirm the Request

Once all the details are filled in, the employee can confirm the resignation request. As the final decision on resignation will be taken by the human resources team or the higher-level official, the resignation request has to be sent to higher-level employees for approval. 

The tool will help the employee to send the resignation request to the higher-level employee automatically. This is done once the request is confirmed. 


When we click the confirm button on the left-hand side the status on the right-hand side changes to ‘Confirm’.

Resignation Approval


The resignation request is now on the Employee Resignation page where the HR manager can take the final decision. 

The HR manager or higher-level employee can click open the request and ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ the request.


We can find Approve and Reject buttons. We can now click the Approve button.


The status has now changed to approved.


We can also find the details and timings in the log notes given below.

Approved Resignation

This is the tab where the HR team can view all the approved resignation details. 


This is how we can manage employee resignation with the help of the Open HRMS tool. 

This tool will help the human resources management wing to track all the resignations taking place in a particular period of time and identify the reasons for the resignation.

This will help the HR team to improve employee retention rate and improve employee-friendly initiatives taken by the HR team. 

Besides, the HR wing can plan all activities based on the employee resignation date and last working day. This may include the recruitment of new staff or the generation and management of the full and final settlement of the employee. 

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