Run the Recruitment Process of Your Company Effectively in OpenHRMS

Employee recruitment falls into the category of a company that needs to have at most a care dedicated approach in the management operations of the entire process. As the operations become even more complex and the interference of various constraints made the business management opt for the HR management solutions for the management of their employees in the business. Many solutions were developed in this digitized era of the world offering dedicated solutions and a generalized one to businesses all over the world. However, as each of the companies functions with different forms of recruitment process operations therefore, a well-defined dedicated management tool for employee management will never solve the issue with employee management.

What business organizations need for efficient employee management is a customizable and dedicated solution that can be crafted and developed as per the operational terminologies of the organization but the standardized operational procedures remain the same. OpenHRMS is one of the solutions which fall under the category of an employee management solution where you can define the operations of your business and functioning of it as per the operational requirements of your business. The well-crafted platform operating with dedicated HR management software modules will provide you with the full-fledged functionality of the operations.

The recruitment application or it can be called a module is the all-in-one tool that will be helping you with the hiring operations of your company. With the module, you can define your own requirements process for the company which can be modified at any stage of the business operations. Furthermore, the integration with the company website allows you to post the job vaccines online. This will be helpful in attracting candidates online where they can submit the application through the company website or social media portals helping you with a complete operation of the online hiring process.

In most organizations, multiple steps are being conducted to reach and shortlist most of the candidates. You all must have attended interviews for various positions in different companies and certain of them will most probably have 3 to 4 stages of the recruitment process; a certain other will have 5 or more stages which usually depend on the company and their management team. All these different stages are being defined to shortlist the candidates until they reach the one candidate or the collection of candidates with the right skill and experience apt for the job position. There are various stages of the recruitment process and all that can be defined to be operational in the OpenHRMS here, I'm about to describe the various stages of recruitment that most of the companies conduct and will describe how it can be efficiently done in the OpenHRMS platform.

Job posting and application

The initial stage of the recruitment process is the aspects of the job posting which can be done online and can be done with the dedicated Recruitment management module. Initially, the vaccines are reported by the respective department heads or are identified by the HR manager, and further, the job posting is created. The direct integration with the social media platforms as well as the company websites will help you with it.  Once the job is posted you will be able to accept an application that will be directly depicted in the recruitment module. Furthermore, the various stages of the recruitment process can be defined in this module.


Application screening

All the received applications should be screened to understand the legitimacy of all the applications received. You can create a new stage where you can screen the applications based on the various criteria that you have set. Furthermore, the screening can be done by checking the details that they have provided. Once the screening is conducted the application selected can be moved to the next stage and the ones which do not qualify should be moved to the canceled stage.


Interview or the Test- The initial stage of candidate screening

Once the applications are sorted you will have to run the next filtering operations. In the initial stages, the organization will conduct interviews if the posting has a minimum number of vacancies as well as applications. However, in case of a larger number of applications as well as job vacancies, conducting a test will help to filter out the candidates who are in larger numbers to a smaller number.


Further Stages of recruitment

Once the initial screening is conducted the candidate number will be reduced to a lower level hence, you will be able to conduct the interviews as the next stage of the recruitment process. The process can be defined as the stage of operation in OpenHRMS and further, the employees, as well as the respective HR executive, can be assigned for the interview process to be conducted. In most of the hiring process, multiple stages of the interview will be conducted before the candidate is selected.


Drafting and signing the contract

Once the candidate is selected after the interview process a contract should be drafted based on which they will be employed. In the contract, all the information regarding the employee, details of remuneration, work hours, and further allowances, as well as vacation details, will be described.


The contract can be crafted and described in the Employees module under the Contracts menu. Here the various custom stages of the contract operation can also be defined. The defined contracts can be sent over to the hired candidates and if it's acceptable to them they can further negotiate and modify it or else they can never accept it.


Once the contracts are being signed and agreed upon by the candidate they have become the part and parcel of the company with an operational designation. Now you can start the onboarding operations on the newly hired candidates which can be defined using the Employees module itself. You can read the following blog to understand the employee onboarding as well as offboarding operations. How Can Employee Onboarding And Offboarding Be Done In OpenHRMS?