How do the Time Tracking Tools in OpenHRMS Help in Employee Management?

Employee management is one of the vital aspects of operations regarding the functioning of any company being ist for many sector scales or the ways in its functions. Moreover, the role of an HR manager as well as the executive functioning in the HR department has a tiresome job of managing the employees and ensuring that the work gets done. In large companies where they function based on departments and there are separate managers available for each department a major portion of the employee and staff management of the respective department regarding the functioning in the company is handled by these managers. The same is not in the case of a small or medium-scale establishment where there is only one project manager who does the entire role of managing the operations of the company.

One of the major aspects of HR management operations on the employees as well as staff is to ensure that the maximum productivity is yielded from their functioning and both the employee as well as the company is satisfactory in the operations. Therefore, the need for a complete employee monitoring system is vital in every company's operations. Especially now as most of the people are working remotely due to the impact of the CoronaVirus pandemic the vitality of employee monitoring and management systems has further increased in the context of business management. Today a major percentage of employees of an organization work remotely and is more likely to be continuing for quite a long time as the impact of the pandemic continues.

The need for an efficient, as well as effective employee management solution, is of vital need now, as the monitoring of remote employees is of more difficulty than managing them from the office environment. Dedicated HR management software tools such as OpenHRMS are of quite the need of any business in this era for effective employee management. OpenHRMS is a dedicated employee management tool operating from one central platform with the help of a dedicated and well-defined structure. The OpenHRMS has a dedicated and modular infrastructure of operations with well-defined modules of operations which helps you with the application-specific management of the operations. 

The Timesheet module of the OpenHRMS software helps you to define the time taken on each task. Moreover, it can be said that it is a time tracking tool that is available in integration with the HR management aspect of OpenHRMS. Each of the employees is provided with a timesheet for each task which can be used to register the time. With the direct integration with the project module, the timesheet module paves way for the tasks and the subtasks to be completed based on the time allocated. In the projects module, you can create custom projects based on your need under which tasks and subtasks should be defined. When the employees log in for the day the timesheet can be activated under the respective task taken, which can be paused in between and stop after the completion. The timesheet module can be of better use in employee monitoring as well as management helping you to set deadlines as well as improving the complete operational quality of the business.

Let's now move on to understand how a time tracking tool such as the OpenHRMS timesheet module will help the HR operations management in the monitoring and control of the employees.

With the timesheet module of the OpenHRMS you will be able to have complete monitoring of the employees, the tasks they complete in a day, the time taken for each task and project, and manage other aspects. Let's look into certain of them:

Improve the employee as well as company productivity

As the employees are monitored on the time taken by them to each task we would be able to analyze the efficiency of their operations. This will help us in the planning aspects of the company operations along with the task allocation aspects. In addition, this will also help the employees to showcase the time taken for each task ensuring their functioning for the day is valid.

Direct payroll calculation

The payroll of the employees can be allocated based on the Timesheet of each of the tasks that they have completed. The calculations of the payroll can be based on the total time the employee has spent on a task multiplied by the fixed charge as described in the contract of the employee.

Complete management of projects

The projects defined for the operations in the company which is described in the Projects module of the OpenHRMS can be well managed with the help of timesheets. Task and subtask can be defined under each project and can be allocated to an employee with the integrated timesheet to complete the task. Each of the tasks and subtasks under each of the projects can be defined accordingly.

Manage the remote teams

The employees working remotely can be managed with the help of the monitoring operations conducted based on the timesheets defined under each project and task. This will be beneficial for the organization especially during this pandemic situation where a major portion of the employees is working remotely.

Complete transparency of the work process

As the task and subtask are defined based on the time taken for the operation there will be complete transparency on each of the tasks which have been conducted. This is because the time taken is registered for each task that has been conducted.

These are the certain aspects that the timesheet management module of the OpenHRMS software will support in the aspects of the time tracking support in the employee management operations.