Top 10 Employee Engagement Survey Questions

Today the workforce is large and diversified in nature. Each individual has his own perception on the concept- the employee engagement. The previous organizational experience, the work culture, the education, and cultural background might have influenced and coded the individuals with different perceptions of employee engagement. 

I recently encountered with the very same experience. When I asked my friend, who is sitting next to me what is employee engagement, he surprised me with his answer saying,” It’s all about the employee happiness, how you feel when you show up to work and leave, feeling contempt or dismayed”.

For a moment, I was dumbstruck. Was this really the employee engagement meant about? Was this the final underlying concept put forward by any organization via triggering various employee engagement activities? I was bound to go for more interpretations and critics on the concept-employee engagement.

Eventually, I went for the second opinion with another friend of mine and asked the same question. To her,” It was all about feeling a part of the work system. Making her feel she is the autonomy of her work, she is valued and considered in every opinion making, within her jurisdiction of work. Again, thought-provoking answer.

And as I rolled my question to the third and fourth person in my office, the answers poured in were totally different, contrasting and thought-provoking. But every answer had a common thread i.e. the connectivity of employee with their organization.

 If you ask me to define what is employee engagement, I would rather say the same. I would opinion that, it’s all about how the organization keeps their employees motivated, feel esteemed and contempt. Any employee engagement strategy designed by the organization is a measuring instrument to calculate how motivated the employees are for putting extra effort and commitment towards their work. It also signs, how long an employee is committed to his work and how long he plans to continue in the organization giving his best.
Ultimately the employee engagement, underpins the level of enthusiasm and connection employees have with their working organization. For this reason, it’s one of the major concern and top priority of HR and the management to truly understand the concept of employee engagement and implement healthy strategies to look after the same. 

Employee Surveys, in other words, the propounding questions to employees can be a meaningful and rewarding approach to employee engagement. Survey questions in employee engagement can play a crucial role in understanding the insight of an employee, his opinion, level of commitment; present attitude towards work, ideas for further boosting and motivating, and more. But Survey Questions to acts like a double-edged sword. If you don’t ask the right question, probably you won’t get the desired result out of it. The correct employee engagement survey questions should be framed and asked that too in the right frequency to get the most rewarding and helpful feedback for future betterment. 

You might be thinking, what is this coined phrase, the right frequency. You heard it right, the right frequency is all about asking for employee engagement survey questions on a regular basis. Soliciting the feedback from your team on a weekly or biweekly or monthly basis, whichever you feel it’s worth for the organization. This continuous mode of action helps in understanding how the employees in an organization feel at the given point in time. How the new change or treatment works on them. Are they enough motivated and encouraged at this point in time? 

The frequency in employee engagement survey questions thus lays an opportunity for the organization to collect honest, productive and helpful feedback from their employees in future shaping of the work approach and employee engagement. 

With the right strategy in place, right questions in track, the organization can truly work on employee engagement. 

This blog helps you with 10 employee engagement survey questions you need to ask your employees to understand the employee’s level of commitment, their retention plan, and work approach. Have a look.

1. How happy you are at work?
To get the employee engagement right, one must start with this question and ask the same on a regular basis. You might be amused if it’s that worthy question to ask an employee direct how he thinks on workplace satisfaction. Trust me, regularly finding the answer from your employee helps you in tracking the morale. 

2. Would you refer your pal to work here?
This question helps in measuring the employee satisfaction in his workplace. Referring someone acts as a reflection of his contempt at his workplace. This inversely proportionate to his goodwill on organization’s policies, working strategies, the approach in employee treatments, emoluments, and appraisals, and even more attributes.    

3. Do you possess a clear understanding of your career and promotions?
The technology is advancing, competition is increasing, and updated knowledge has become mandatory for any employee to survive in the competing edge world. If you ask your employee, if he sees a positive and clear path of growth in terms of his career and promotions, and the answer is yes, the organization is in the safe zone. On the other hand, if the answer turns out to be negative, its high time for the organization to rework their strategies and employee engagement activities to keep the employee motivated and abreast to latest innovations in his field.  The organization needs to ponder more developmental opportunities for the employees, in order to prevent them from quitting and join in another. 

4. How would you rate your work-life balance? 
To remain productive and engaged for a longer run, it’s very important that the employee has a sufficient balance between his professional and personal life. If the employee feels lopsided, everything will turn upside down. Therefore it should be the prime concern of an organization that his professional life is never overpowering his personal space. The organization should make sure that the employee is getting enough personal space in midst of hectic work schedules and deadlines. No work pressurizes him to shut down his personal happiness.

5. Hypothetically speaking, if you plan to quit your job tomorrow, what reason would you say?
With this question, the organization can uncover many elements like bad communication, lack of transparency, feeling unvalued and more. Responses will help the organization in introspecting their pitfalls if any in the case; also forecast the effective measure to prevent future occurrences of the same. It also signs, the attitude of the employee towards his organization, the level of trust he put forward, or is he currently looking for anywhere else and more. 

6. Do you feel valued in your workplace?
This question is a gauge for measuring the happiness and satisfaction of employee while he turns up for work. For any longer employee retention, the foremost holding factor is the happiness and feeling valued. This feeling of trustworthy and valuing keeps the employee motivated and committed to showcasing the best. The timely appraisals from organization side help in triggering a sense of value among employees.
7. How do you foresee yourself continuing here for a year more?
This question can clearly give the organization, an idea on the employee’s retention plan in the organization. How he places himself in the organization. 

8. How frequently do you receive recognition from your organization?
If the majority of the employees answer in survey question that they don’t receive recognition from their project manager or company management, it a good chance to rework the company morale. One can timely curb the erosion of productivity and attrition of employees. 

9. Do you feel your management acts transparently in their action?
No doubt that transparency attributes to workforce happiness. It is the responsibility of the organization to keep everything transparent, timely communicate to the employee the new changes. The answer from the survey question helps the organization in measuring the degree of transparency the employees believe with their organization. 

10. What percentage did you recite the organization's values blindfolded?
A low percentage of signs that most employees conduct their work without really understanding the objective of their task.   

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