Useful Features of Timesheet Management using OpenHRMS Software

The crucial aspect of company operations functioning is employee management. HR departments face difficulty managing employees' details and ensuring their work is done in a company. In large organizations, various managers are available for each department's functioning. In contrast, only a project manager handles the company operations within a small organization. The HR management operations toward staff and employees lead to high productivity and attain better satisfaction. So, a complete monitoring system for employees is vital. 

Nowadays, most individuals are working remotely, and it is difficult to know if their work was completed at the correct time. The Covid pandemic period increases the usage of management systems and employee monitoring. The majority percentage of employees have been working remotely recently due to the impact of the pandemic. An efficient employee management solution is a vital need to monitor remote employees. For employee management, OpenHRMS acts as a dedicated HR management software

OpenHRMS consists of unique operations modules that improve a firm's workflow and productivity. The time taken by each employee in a company configures easily through the Timesheet module in OpenHRMS. Additionally, tracking timings on each day working by employees in a firm is beneficial. The timesheet is activated on the respective section once the employee logs in to the system. To complete the deadline of tasks, timesheet module assists in monitoring employees and finishing the work within an accurate time. 

In this blog, we discuss features of Timesheet management using OpenHRMS. 

Advanced Usage of Timesheets in a Company 

Timesheet is a record of how much time an employee spends on a task given by a company. Analyzing employee performance tasks and time spent on projects accessed by HR easily. It is used in various ways, such as payroll calculation, monitoring, tracking, and project delays. Let’s examine a few features of employee timesheet management usage in companies. 

Improve Employee and Company Performance 

We can analyze employees' operation efficiency once they monitor their time taken for work. An employee timesheet provides specific areas taking more time by them.  A company easily allocates tasks to employees, and they can finish them with the use of timesheets. This improves their productivity and showcases time management for each task. Completing the work by employees at the correct time improvises company performance widely. It also helps to attain profit and success in future aspects. 

Custom Reports 

Based on team or management, you can handle users and manage custom reports. It is easy to assign tasks to employees by the team leader and produce reports for them. Within a bit of time, it is possible to gather reports considering employees working hours. The overall time spent by a worker is accessed quickly using the time tracking feature in timesheets. Also, customized reports ensure you make changes in upcoming tasks and projects. For accurate billing, client-facing business like marketing, law firms, manufacturing, and more need project-wise time tracking. 

Payroll Calculation 

Effective accounting of employees' hours is vital in every business. Companies allocate employee payrolls based on the task completed by an employee in the timesheet. The calculation of timesheet hours depends on login time and time spent on projects or tasks. We can compute payroll by multiplying fixed charges on employee contracts with the laborer's total work hours for a task. It is easy to calculate employee salary based on week, month or year by imparting a timesheet software in your system. 

Project Management 

We can manage the projects based on company operations defined in the Projects module of OpenHRMS using Timesheet support. Each project contains tasks and sub-tasks. These tasks are assigned to employees with the integrated timesheet application. Users can define the tasks and sub-tasks under each project separately. Large project management for various employees in a firm is the most demanding task. Managers can anticipate delays and monitor progress easily with project-wise time tracking. This improves the timely completion of future projects in an organization. 

Manage Remote Teams 

The monitoring operations within the timesheet assist in managing employees working remotely. During the pandemic, installing a timesheet application benefits employees and employers. Most employees are working remotely at that time. So you can keep track of them with an accurate timesheet system. 

Timesheet Reminders

Employees must play hooky because they know that compensation is based on work hours updated in a timesheet. Most managers chase behind them to fill time sheets. Hence, it is essential to notify them on their working devices. A quick route for introducing automation is made possible through timesheet reminders. Notification is beneficial for creating alerts in specific situations. For example, a worker gets a reminder once they forget to check in or check out. The upcoming task deadline and work schedules notify team members regularly. These alerts help employees to meet deadlines and complete the work accurately. 

System Compatibility 

Various instances, such as monitoring remote team billable hours and other fields, occur in a firm. A mobile-friendly app will be helpful on these occasions. The cloud apps assist you in ensuring your browser framework. Co-workers can use several operating systems within a single organization. Time tracking software helps you to use different operating systems, including Mac OS, Linus, Android, Windows, etc. 

Approval Workflows 

An employee worksheet in a company is approved by the reporting manager. In some instances, approval is done by clients and skip-level managers. The complex approval workflows in any timesheet are easy for authorities and employees. Approving timesheet enables a company to know more about working hours and projects completed by an employee. 

Integrated with Other Applications 

Third-party integration is the latest trend when it arrives to monitor applications. Timesheet is integrated with various other apps, and project or employee management control becomes simpler. You can achieve holistic business growth through integration features. The functioning of multiple sectors in a firm is boosted easily with the integrated nature of processes. 

Time tracking is crucial for any business with technological evolution. Each company has its own functions to streamline workflow and improvise productivity. A specific timesheet using OpenHRMS removes all your worries and effectively completes each task in a firm. Have a look at the following blog to explore more about A Complete Overview Of Open HRMS Timesheets Module. A Complete Overview Of Open HRMS Timesheets Module