What Your HR Portal Should Contain?

Neither there is an escape from technology nor we need an escape from it. The easiness and promptness to work have made technology the comfiest part of life. There is hardly any operation in our daily life that isn’t touched by technology.

Same with the case of Human Resource in business. The earlier human resource was one business part that hardly witnessed the intrusion of any. The management of human resource was purely a human affair. However, today the scenario has changed and there is mass adoption of various technologies to manage these business assets.

One of the prominent and highly relevant technological adoptions is the human resource management tool or simply called HR Software. Today the management tool has become an indispensable part of the business. It has come to a state that no business can efficiently run their human resource without the aid of HR Software. The interactive and dynamic behavior of this software made business processes simpler and streamlined.

HR portal within these systems is a one-stop-shop for employees to access relevant data and information. The online central hub acts as a central stage disseminating every information relating to employee and management. It truly contributes to the advancements in the workplace via facilitating real-time communication. The management can feed all necessary information pertaining to an employee, also the business missions, giving employees a clear vision of different business happenings. The employees get to know the status of various applications they sent across and also the status of various undertakings happening within the company. Meanwhile adding data on time, the management is also helped with real-time accessing of every employee information and necessitating the needful for employees say the onboard training, employee appraisals, gamification and many other.

However, the ultimate motive of the HR portal is to keep everything streamlined so that no process is delayed subsequently on account of unavailability of any information. In the HR portal, employees are provided with login credentials using which they can easily access the software and seek desired data.

To say the advantages of HR portal are many. First and foremost, it makes employees self-reliant. The employees need not wait for others to perform and complete their task. With information by-hand, they can trigger the next step easily.

Secondly, it saves the time of employees and management in search of data. As everything is pre-recorded and automated, both employees and management can get access to the desired in a few clicks.

Thirdly, the monetary benefit of the business. Unlike the traditional HR management method, you need not spend money in taking print outs of each and every employee record. The information is digitally assessable, seeking the least priority of papers and printouts.

In short, alongside easy and quick management, HR Portal also saves businesses from unwanted expenditures. And HR portal is the best way to connect your employees with your HR department.

What should be put in your HR Portal?

First and foremost is the employee data. In the event of new recruitment, hardly there can be any data about the new employee. If the organization is big in the workforce, there comes the interplay of many departments associated with the new recruit. Therefore, if the information about the new employee is fed in the HR Portal, every department alongside every worker get to know about the new entry, what should be done next. It helps in smoothening the onboarding processes of employees, enrolling him for the payroll and other employee benefits of the company and so on.
Secondly, the HR portal can be a wonderful platform to incorporate company values. As every employee is connected to the portal, this can be an excellent spot to showcase company missions and objects. This simply reminds off the employee, what are their obligations towards the company, what are the restricted zones of practices and many other. Employees are frequently reminded of their duties and commitments towards the organization, keeping good work environment live. For the new recruits, HR portal can be a good spot to learn more about their working place and get tuned accordingly.

Being financially sound and socially valued, this is the reason for any to work. Everyone longs for an organization that gives them enough sustenance to live happily. Including the employee benefits in HR portal, simply adds transparency in rewarding employees for their work.  Information such as festive allowances, bonuses, health insurance policies, loans, wellness inventiveness, retirement benefits gives employees an idea of their return benefits in the organization. In case, the employee seeks certain clarification on the subject, they can straightaway communicate with the HR regarding same.

Fun activities in the workplace simply afresh employee. Boredom from daily routine is swept away by the fun activities of the workplace.HR Portal can be a means to post and share every celebration at the office, fun games, company tour and outings and many like. This simply encourages employees to engage more in work and other running activities. Introducing leisure hours like music class or yoga sessions for employees concretes a feel that employee well-being matters to the company. Thus helps in keeping up the community spirit of the business organization.

Internal vacancies can also be the things to put in your HR Portal. We know how hard and expensive is to carry out a recruitment drive in the organization. Even if a full-fledged recruitment process is carried out, there is no guarantee that the organization ends up with the right candidate with an essential set of skills. However, if internal vacancies get listed in the HR portal, the current employees who are looking for a shift in their work can apply. For short need, this can be a good practice. The company need not invest in hunting a fresh face to perform the work. The company can easily dig the suitable from onboard itself and fulfill the need. This helps in identifying different skills of an employee working within the organization.

There will undoubtedly many HR-related inquiries that surface over and over – and your HR Portal can be the incredible spot to answer them. You can either order a rundown of FAQs which sits on the site and gets refreshed as required, or else can build up an increasingly intuitive component where you urge workers to post questions 'live' so they can go into a discourse with you. HR Portal can equip you with a platform to answer rapidly.

The organization handbook can be yet another insert in your HR portal. The company handbook or the organization handbook can be a good seek for the new recruits to understand the policies and procedures of the company. It tends to be difficult for new individuals to assimilate every information they are being given. However, placing your handbook on your HR Portal, helps the new employees to browse later that information that they might not have completely taken in or made clear about. From the handbook, the employee can seek all that information and benefits they are qualified for.