Why is Open HRMS the best HR tool for small businesses?

Small business is usually managed with a fewer number of employees. The number of departments and the discretion in the works of the employees will not be as strict as a large-scale business. In such business ventures, almost all employees do multi-tasking. 

Employees take the role of sales executive, customer relationship management staff at the same time. The same team performs accounting and HR-related tasks.

It won’t be possible for the business to appoint a team of human resources management personnel. Some firms may not even have a single human resources management staff. According to figures, over 70 percent of small businesses do not appoint HR personnel. 

At this juncture, we can depend on ERP tools to manage all operations effectively. An HRMS can help the manager of the firm to control and coordinate all HR-related tasks and coordinate HR with the accounts wing of the firm. 

Benefits of Human Resource Management Software for Small business

> Affordable

> It can save your time

> Streamline all employee-related activities

> Plan recruitment and staff shifting

> Ensure the recruitment of the best talents

> Review employee performance

> Employee expense management

> Payroll operations becomes smooth

> Leave and attendance management 

Why Open HRMS?

Open HRMS is a complete HR solution developed by Cybrosys Technologies. The Open HRMS tool includes all features required for the operation of a small business. Being a modular HRMS tool Open HRMS users can choose the required modules and manage operations.

IT will help you to streamline all your employee and resources management operations. We can also help this too for the strategic management of activities. 


The highlight of Open HRMS is that it is affordable to all types of businesses. It assures you the best HR management experience. The user can easily integrate this HR management software tool with other applications. We can use this tool in all industries including manufacturing, PoS, construction, consultancy, hospitality, etc. 

IT helps us to manage all administrative tasks the proper way. Integration with accounting modules helps to manage expenses and other financial documents with ease. Data entry, document management, and employee communication become simple and effective with Open HRMS. IT will also help you to maintain the payroll in an accurate way. The user can initiate disciplinary actions and manage legal actions. With Open HRMS we can assure the secure management of databases. We can use this tool to create HR documents using different templates. 

Let us check the key highlights of Open HRMS

Employee recruitment made easy


This feature helps us to create new job positions and manage all job vacancies. We can create the application, post applications on the website and track the applications using the app. The number of applicants and the vacancies can be viewed and recruitment strategies planned easily. We can also manage different stages of the recruitment process and complete the recruitment using this feature.  Job positions in different departments can be communicated to the person in charge of recruitment. This will also help the manager to review and manage the candidate list after each interview.

Ease of managing attendance


OHRMS assures you to check in and checks out the facility to manage the attendance. This module also offers support for attendance regularisation. The employees can regularise their attendance if they are on field duty or on a client visit. Configuring regularisation categories and managing regularisation type also is easy with Open HRMS. 

The manager will be able to review the attendance of each employee and view employee details. The manager can easily approve or reject regularisation requests. The Open HRMS tool will also assist you to generate reports on the total work hours of an employee. 

Efficient payroll management support


Want to set a salary structure for your employees and manage the salaries and leaves efficiently? Then it is time to select Open HRMS. Any small business can make use of Open HRMS Payroll for managing salary structure and salary rules. This will help you to manage the contribution register as well. 

Employee Payslip generation based on the period of employment and salary structure, auto calculation of salary based on worked days, etc can be done quickly with OHRMS. Payslip generation in batches also is possible. Open HRMS given total support for payroll and payslip management and related activities. 

Efficient management of employees


Open HRMS which is an upgraded version of Odoo HRMS supports all features of Odoo. At the same time, it has some exclusive functions to make your operations more effective. 

The employee module of Open HRMS helps the users to manage employee directories, employee contracts, and employee documents. This will help the user to manage all details of the employee from his joining details to personal documents. The managers can also set the template for employee documents. Coordinating different departments and managing interdepartmental activities also can be done with the help of Open HRMS. It also supports the employees to avail loans and salary advances. The HR and accounting wings can easily manage these payments and reflect the same in the salary slips.

Just 'LEAVE' it to Open HRMS


Employee leave management can be a tough task for small business units. Their time off, compensatory workdays can become difficult amidst piles of pending works. With Open HRMS the employees can submit their leave request and the manager can accept or reject leave requests online. Besides, the manager will be able to take a quick glance at the leave request amidst his busy schedule.

Plan projects for better business


Open HRMS offers a separate module for project management. It enables you to create projects and tasks. You can also view the pending tasks in each project. The timesheet for the project and analysis of the project completion status can also be maintained with HR ERP system.

Odoo Open HRMS also assures complete help to the small industries to maintain contacts and calendar; IT will also initiate a forum for discussions and make ease the creation and management of websites. Resignation of employees and employee shifts can also be managed along with expenses. 

Cybrosys Technologies has a dedicated team of experts to manage Open HRMS. You can visit our website or mail at od[email protected] or dial +918606827707 to contact our team.