Open HRMS Core

Open HRMS Core is a framework that represents the human asset/the human capital/resource and most advanced open source HR management software. Open HRMS Core managing every process of HR brings all th


A simple, easy to use and intuitive tool helping employees and management to perform in full potential, boosting the productivity and overall employee satisfaction. Open HRMS offers a 360-degree overview of employee and their skills.

No additional configuration is required.

 1. HR Dashboard                              12. HR Announcements                         
 2. Salary Advance                             13. Employee Insurance
 3. Interactive Theme                         14. Resignation Process
 4. HR Multi-Company                        15. Vacation Management
 5. Shift Management                         16. Law Suit Management
 6. Loan Management                        17. Appreciations & Memos
 7. Employee Reminders                   18. Entry & Exit Checklist
 8. Employee Branch Transfer           19. HR Documents Management
 9. Advanced Employee Master         20. Custody/Property Management
 10. Biometric Device Automation      21. Automation on Leave Request Mails.
 11. Appraisal Plans & Strategies