Asset Management with Open HRMS Custody

Open HRMS offer asset management or custody management function to any business organization, no matter how big or small they are. One might be thinking about what an asset or custody management has to do in HR. It’s indeed a rewarding question. This blog fairly answers to it. 

Assets, in this case, are defined as various company properties like the laptop or mobile phones, or something more significant like the company vehicle, given employees from an organization to execute business functions. Quite rightly, the company needs them back when an employee leaves the company for certain reasons.  

In the case of a large organization, say, 5000 employees, managing the custody of each asset via mere paperwork is strenuous and challenging. It’s impossible for a sole manager to look after the entire custody and its details. Via integrating custody management or asset management system, the whole process gets simplified and streamlined, housing no room for confusion or errors.

Open HRMS acts as an all-inclusive suite of applications for efficient management of human resources. It takes care of the complete needs of an employee life-cycle right from employee recruitment, employee onboarding, employee engagement, employee transfer, employee payroll, gratuity settlement, and more to the employee resignation. Open HRMS constitute robust and multi-dimensional features making it an inevitable choice for effective management of both internal and external human resource functions. 

The main purpose of Open HRMS Custody is to seamlessly allocate the company resource or company asset to the employee upon his request. It authorizes HR or another individual to approve or reject the employee request on seeking company property. It paves a platform for employees to request and quickly equip themselves with properties. 

The whole process of custody management gets executed in simple steps under the Open HRMS Custody module. Apart from sending the request over custody, the Open HRMS Custody module also helps in renewing the deadline date of the custody. It provisions the facility of renewal if an employee wants to hold the asset for a longer period of time. In addition, Open HRMS also facilitates taking reports of the custody. 


a)Request for custody.

b)Request for custody renewal.

c)Report generation on custody.


Install module ‘Open HRMS Custody’ from the Odoo app store.

Place them in your custom add-on folder.

And run it in a private window.

Enlisting the Company Property 

Open HRMS Custody module facilitates in listing every company property. One can seamlessly create new products in the module platform. The employees can send request seeking the property custody when the products requested from his end is available on the page.


Creating Request for Property

The employee can send a request with ease, via submitting essential details like property name, reason, requested date, return date, and internal note (Optional). This helps the HR Manager or other designated authority to process employee requests without hurdle. 


Seamless Request Approval 

Upon receiving the request from the employee over asset custody, the Open HRMS Custody module facilitates a platform for the HR Manager or designated person to either approve or reject the custody request. The module also inserts an option to add the internal note on his approval or rejection statement (optional). The requested employee can take the property along if the Manager approves his request. The employee is requested to return the company property within the prescribed period or set a deadline.


Renewing Request

In certain circumstances, the employee may need to obtain the property for a longer period than the prescribed deadline. Open HRMS Custody modules help the employee in renewing the custody request. Following, the HR Manager or designated authority can look into the new request and process them.


Renewal Approval/Rejection

The designated person or HR Manager can approve or reject the renewal request produced by the employee. If the request gets approved, the employee can extend the custody on another hand he will have to return back the property to the organization.


Returning the Property

The Employee can seamlessly return the property after furnishing all details.


Isn’t it easy huh??? Therefore, with help of the Open HRMS Custody management module, an organization can free itself from the strenuous management of company assets and their distributions. Open HRMS with its robust functionality helps in building rules for allocating your company assets, maintaining the property lists, tracking the product availability, initiating a hassle-free property allocation, also assigning authority for timely approval/rejection of employee requests.