Benefits of Attendance Management with HRMS

One of the most crucial works for HR personnel is managing employee attendance. It is necessary to have a human resource management strategy for attendance in order to gain power on the staff’s time to lessen staff downtime in the company. 

A good attendance record in a company reveals the presence of an excellent work environment for the employee. In the opposing, a bad attendance record reveals or exposes the truth about an underlying issue inside the work process. The underlying issue will directly relate to the staff or the management. You must map each resource’s time and work used for creating the right profits which are the main outcome that you want from your company. 

New Way for the HR to Manage the Attendance 
Benefits of the Human Resource Management System in a workplace is significantly large. For example, everyone must have noticed that attendance management has developed to the latest methods such as biometric identification or punching machines from the old physical registering of the staff admission. The advantages of these attendance management systems are large as it significantly plays in the payroll and employee management in an organization. 

A database that is allotted to create staff payroll gathers and saves the attendance data. However, if you want to improve the outcome and the capacity of the company to handle attendance and also improve production, you can incorporate attendance management system programs with the HRMS plan. The HRMS will instantly bring in and also develop the attendance information using several types of formats. After handling attendance in your HRMS tool, you will see the rise in numerous benefits. Now, let us learn about those valuable benefits.

Easiest Payroll 
If the attendance connected data will flow efficiently with no blocks or leaks in the payroll module, the resulting process allows one to quickly and easily process payments. The huge issue of data retrieval from various places will be removed through the perfect HRMS tool. What helps you greatly in this process is the end-to-end HRMS tool which is the only resource of truths about your company. Such processes help to gain crucial staff information obtained at one level and gets leveraged during the staff's entire lifecycle’ to help greater administering and managing.

Benefits of the Open HRMS Attendance Module

> Nothing else improves time management other than the attendance module in the Open HRMS tool. Look at the following steps and the many benefits in this process:

> The employee attendance can be captured from multiple sources such as employee login portal where employees can mark the attendance, Third party hardware like Biometric device, utilizing which the employee can mark his attendance using the pin number or swiping the ID card.

> Biometric Device Configuration- Integrates thumbing/ face detection biometric devices, ensuring flawless and seamless attendance capturing.

> Leave Policy- Configure different types of leaves including sick leave, compensatory leave, unpaid leave etc. Creates a transparent leave policy for your company.

> Automatic Leave Request-Configure a leave request email and every email in the desired format shall automatically get converted to a leave request in Open HRMS

> Set multiple approval points for particular leaves so that concerned authorities can effectively review the leave requests.
Receive employee vacation request and handle it more organized. Gets you with the leave notifications and sanction salaried\not salaried vacation. 

Provisions to view the overlapping leave requests and manage them appropriately.

As I said prior, integrating human resource management software in a business can draw in many benefits. It streamlines different operations like the recruitment cycle, attendance management, employee engagement, employee appraisal, managing employee work hours and more.

Mechanized timesheets under these tools greatly help in monitoring employee engagement and his level of commitment at work.  Timesheets nullifies the manual prone errors in calculating the employee payroll. The features like Timesheet in Human Resource Management System helps in precisely calculating the working hours that support in the payroll calculation of employees. Thus, the time management for the work becomes simple. 

The above process also helps you to process extra time bonus, early go policy; late coming fines and minimum working hours for half-day, leaving employee at ease and contempt. 

You can accommodate work shifts in a simple manner.  
1. The process will mechanically adjust the payroll estimate. 
2. This task also removes all human mistakes in managing attendance.

Instant Attendance Analytics
The team manager can now look at the team’s promptness and timekeeping data since the HRMS builds real-time information and alerts. The complete number of staff working in a task can be checked automatically. You can check the data about the number of days the staff was absent. This data helps to make some tough decisions with regards to the staff.

Similarly, this data must be integrated into the reports when you assess the staff performances. The HR can now decide on the staff deployment based on this assessment. Through the support of the dashboard irrespective of the place, any managers can effectively check on the team. This process of checking the staff supports you in minimizing loss to the company from the staff downtime.

Everyday attendance data will be automatically created for individual staff, according to the location, department, and team. You can check this data even while there are remote groups. An all-inclusive data of the staff attendance will be handy for creating critical reports. Such reports help in making strategic decisions in HR policy through the setting of KPIs to assess the staff.

Access data while Mobile
The working processes of the staff now are very different. The reporting time of each staff might be having diverse variations. Some staff may be consultants who do the tasks from their home. Field staffs are mobile always. Global companies even have had a hike in staff teams that work remotely. 

HRMS tool allows adaptable working shifts and changes according to various instances to help each staff. Usual HRMS processes can be accessed through the mobile and thus makes life easy for your staff. They can now add and access the latest data in the HR websites. Such staff also gets self-servicing power for adding the working time information online.

Transparent Work
Everyone loves to work in a company that is transparent about each process. The HRMS tool eases staff management for the company. It helps to ensure that every policy and roster is transparent and can also be accessed just like how they exist. 

The approach helps you utilize effort and time wisely that clarifies and rectifies all confusions as well as errors. It also creates the right precedent at the beginning stage of your company. Give the HRMS tool the exclusive power that allows the staffs to gain access to all policy connected data at any place.

Reliable and Effective
The human resource management tool that offers the boon of simple incorporations and adaptability shall support you in creating a culture of resourceful attendance management for the company. A perfect system allows one to find problems and enhances the effectiveness of the staff. This development is possible via numerous channels that manage your staff such as biometric tools and admission related IP restrictions. You also obtain simplified cloud-connected HRMS processes which come with diverse and distinct benefits such as geo-fencing and geo-tagged attendance, remote staffs work control.

True Prospects in the HRMS
HRMS process also works beyond creating automated attendance data. Each type of information connected to a specific staff is added inside the main database. This process helps the HR workers to finish staff management easily. The system as seen above helps in various aspects of managing your staff attendance. 

Hence, the HRMS based attendance control helps the organized functioning, maintaining company rules and discipline. Now you see how this process is fair to each staff. Even you are fair to each employee. A good comprehensive human resource management software ensures that the staff is responsive and result-oriented. Have a look at the following blog to explore more about Advantages of Biometric Attendance System. Advantages of Biometric Attendance System