Employee Absenteeism management with OpenHRMS

The Attendance and Leave management of the employees, as well as the staff of a business, is vital for effective operations. This will provide the business to function with efficiency and without any interruption. Likewise, the Leave management of the employees is important for the business as it is vital for the functioning of the employees and to meet their satisfactory potential. Recently we have heard about various MNCs and other organizations providing paternity leave for both the mother as well as the father and in certain countries, they abide by these rules. Another aspect is of maximum working hours for employees as the authorities regulate it and these the organizations has also to abide by those. Therefore, organizations become liable to provide these leaves and it should not be affecting the functioning of the company. This implicates the need for a well-structured and efficient business management tool that will support the operations of the company in regards to employee management and thereby the leave management aspects.

There are various employee management and HR management tools that are available in the market today suiting any form of operations of the company. There are tools offering dedicated control for all the HR operations, to the conditional or applicational specific operations anyhow the business has to choose the solutions which are suitable for their business and catering to their own HR operational methodologies. OpenHRMS a dedicated employee management tool is one of the widely used solutions by businesses offering impeccable control on all the HR operations of the company. Moreover, with the dedicated modules of operation which will cater to all of the applicational needs of the Human Resouce management of the business the OpenHRMS serves as a dedicated and advanced tool of operation. As employee Leave and Attendance management is of vital importance in any organization the OpenHRMS solution has a dedicated module for operational control.

With the OpenHRMS solution, an organization can run and manage the HR operations of the companies right from the aspects of conducting employee recruitment which can be done through an online medium as well until the employee payroll management and the offboarding functions of operation. The aspects of employee absenteeism is a big functional issue for the organization and it happens when an employee or multiple employees take up leave frequently without prior permission or with it. This nature of absenteeism will lead to the destructive pattern of the operation of the employee management and will affect the efficiency of operations of the business. The need for a dedicated management tool that will take care of this issue is vital in almost all business organizations. The OpenHRMS Attendance and Leave Management modules that are available will provide you with ample operations capabilities for the HR department and its manager to run the employee attendance management aspects.

Let’s now move on to understand how the OpenHRMS platform will help the business to ensure that they are able to tackle the absenteeism behavior of the employees.

Define the Working hours and Shifts

In regards to tacking the lethargic behavior of absenteeism of the employees, the organization has to draft the operations methodology of the company initially. In the OpenHRMS you will be able to define the employee working hours, the time, and the shift of operations. Moreover, as these aspects are modifiable in the operations of the company there

are aspects of flexibility in the operations of the employees. In addition, the management should ensure that the employees, as well as other staff in operations at the company, abide by these rules as well as working hours and should bring in strict norms and regulations which will ensure that they are not being violated.

Definite Attentence marking

Employee attendance should be marked and monitored with the help of definite as well as well structured systems. With the OpenHRMS you will be able to integrate various biometric as well as an advanced system through which the employee attendances can be marked. Moreover, the distinctive ID card along with the PIN number login for each employee at the company entrance or at the department entrance of the respective employees will ensure that all the aspects of attendance monitoring are done. In addition, the aspects of the attendance monitoring for the remote employees can be done by providing a log-in pin to the system and tracking that operation with the timesheets which have been defined.

Proper Channel of Leave request

With the defined Approval module that is available in the OpenHRMS platform, the employees will have a defined Leave request system that will ensure that all the employees are provided equal consideration and recognition. Normally in the case of functioning in a company, the leaves are to e requested prior to the days however in certain emergencies the leave request will be carried out at the instance. The OpenHRMS tool will provide ample support to both aspects of the Approval management system.


The employee payroll is generated and managed based on the attendance of the employees and with the dedicated Payroll Management tool that is available in the OpenHRMS platform, the management can automate the payroll generate operations. Moreover, advanced cuts on the payroll being generated based on employee functioning and attendance can also be done.


The reporting aspects of the various employee operations especially the attendance will ensure that the management is on track with all the functions of the company. Moreover, with the OpenHRMS tool, you will be able to genre advanced operations reports on employee attendance which will provide the compare insight on the operations aspect of them

With all these aspects and tools that are available in the OpenHRMS, you will be able to manage the operation of the employee attendance and ensure that they are thoroughly monitored and all the aspects are in complete control. Have a look at the following blog to explore more about Biometric Time System. Biometric Time System