How to Improve your Hiring with Open HRMS Recruitment Software

OpenHRMS - Open Source Human Resource Management Software is a clear-cut solution for effective human resource management of any organization. The OpenHRMS software is formulated by the prominent software developing team, Cybrosys Technologies, with the assistance of the Odoo ERP software. The main benefit of the platform is that the software in the system is comfortable with every human resource department without concerning the business size and the business type. The platform includes thirty-plus advanced and well-efficient modules that can be applied to automate your HR tasks. All the modules included in the system are well efficient for managing all your HR operations.

One among the significant module, HR Recruitment encompassed in the system, is very helpful for smooth management of recruitment processes. This is the appropriate recruitment software to supervise all the HR Recruitment activities of the company, and you need not take so much effort into managing the recruitment process. The module has the ability to track your recruitment pipeline.

In this blog, let us discuss how the OpenHRMS Recruitment software helps you to improve your hiring processes.

Before discussing how the OpenHRMS Recruitment software helps you to improve your hiring process, let us discuss what an HR Recruiting system is.

What is an HR Recruiting system?

Human Resource Recruitment software is the digital tool used to automate an organization's hiring and onboarding operations. The platform can manage everything related to the hiring process, from identifying vacancies to resume screening and candidate onboarding. The most tiring process in the HR department, Recruitment, can be handled effortlessly by implemeting software like OpenHRMS. The recruiting software assists both the candidates and the department throughout the recruitment process. The HR department of your organization need not take so many risks, and they will be equipped with advanced tools and features required to discover the most qualified employee out of the pool of applications.  The manual recruiting process will take more time and effort to find out suitable candidates. It will take days and months to receive resumes and process them. With the innovation of the Recruitment application and the advanced technology, the hiring processes will become a simple task, and they can save more productive time in building business strategies and all. The department only needs to spend less time on administrative tasks.

The recruitment process will be a piece of cake if you utilize the HR Recruitment software to acquire the best candidates. The module has the power to handle the recruitment process from simple sourcing to contract. 

Systematize the Vacancies and Job applications

The OpenHRMS  Recruitment module will allow you to systematize and organize your company vacancies by helping you set up a job board and enabling you to follow the application. The digitalized platform fosters your organization's job listing and allows you to efficaciously follow and keep track of each applicant. Also, creates a database of skills and profiles with indexed documents. The recruiters of your organization need not to outsource recruitment. All the procedures will be managed by internal support in the most convenient way.

Applications are easier to manage

To attain the attention of the right talent, the HR department should engage them with remarkable first impressions. The highly advanced OpenHRMS Dashboard module ensures better attention by transforming the application process simple for applicants applying for the job.

The manual or traditional recruitment process will be very complicated and is a huge time-taking task. Always the system reaches errors and will cause time and money loss. However, HR Recruitment software like OpenHRMS helps you to simplify all the complicated issues by offering various tools and techniques.

HR Department can utilize the cloud-based technology

The smart and cloud-based technology behind the OpenHRMS Recruitment module simplifies your recruitment process. Finding out suitable candidates for an organization is a complicated task. With the help of the OpenHRMS system, you can easily discover the right candidate for our vacancies. The cloud based technology helps you to recrfuit the right and talented candidates at the right time without much effort.  

Effective tracking of Job offers

The OpenHRMS Recruitment module will automatically track job offers. The system will efficiently and automatically assign a new email address to every job offer intending to channel the applications straightly to the right one.

Personalize your recruitment process

The advanced Kanban view available on the platform helps you to arrange your recruitment process in different stages. You can effortlessly define your own stages, such as pre-qualification, first interview, second interview, and many more, based on the type of recruitment and business requirements. The recruitment pipeline will display exact and accurate statistics and information on your recruitment pipeline.

Reduces the recruitment processing time

The software-driven OpeHRMS Recruitment module helps you to minimize the recruitment processing time. You can efficiently reduce the time that the hr department and the managers spend for manually managing resumes and will help you to enhance the chances of onboarding qualified candidates. 

Real-time reports

The advanced reporting feature included in the module can be used to compare the performance and range of the postings you have executed on different job posts in your organization. By analyzing the reports, you can implement different strategies and recruitment plans to make your recruitment successful. The different reporting measures, tools, and features included in the system will help you to have both analytical and quantitative reports. The visual parameters used in the system allow you to grasp the data in a single view.

Design surveys and questionnaires

One of the eminent features of the OpenHRMS Recruitment module is that the module has the power to design surveys, questionnaires, skill tests, and many other survey methods using the survey designer. The system allows you to collect each candidate's responses and evaluate the trait of the applicant.

Advanced Entry Checklist option

The advanced Entry Checklist option ensures that the candidates are subjected to all the procedures and processes before receiving them as an employee. This option will be very useful for checking whether the applicant submitted all certificates, went through each stage, attended the interview and meetings, etc. All of these entry procedures and tracked and monitored by the automated system.

Integrated with other software - Document management system

Can define your own job positions

The OpenHRMS Recruitment module enables you to create your own job positions and publish them on the site. The Job Positions option allows users to manage their job positions in a highly sophisticated manner. You can manage all the job positions of your organization in a single window where you can manage different job positions in your organization in a systematic way. Under each job position, you can view the total number of recruitment received for that particular job position.

Advanced Filtering and grouping options

One of the main features of OpenHRMS is the advanced filtering and Grouping options. These options are there in the OpenHRMS Recruitment application. The filtering option is very beneficial for making the searching process easier. All most every window of the platform contains these features. The default and customizable filters help you to personalize your searching process. The GroupBy options available in the window are significant for making groups of similar records. This will also help you to identify the data quickly.


Effectively manage the Refuse reasons.

At the time of candidate recruitment for a job position, you will receive a lot of resumes from various candidates. In that, there will be hundreds of resumes to reject. Some applicant was not even talented for the job position. In that case, you should need to define the Refuse reasons. Managing all the refuse reasons manually is not possible. Also, you may have similar refusal reasons for almost all applicants. The OpenHRMS Recruitment module encompasses a tool for effectively managing the refuse reasons. The system includes a separate option for it and using this option, you can configure various refuse reasons. So you will be able to configure different mail templates to save your productive time. Also, the system allows you to recall the reasons for rejecting the applicant when receiving a second-time application from the same candidate.

Closes Job positions and sends an automated email

It is very important to ensure that soon after the recruitment closing, the website and the job portals are freed from the hiring process. The OpenHRMS Recruitment module supports the removal of outdated job positions. The ERP in HR system helps you close the job positions effortlessly and send an automated email to all rejected candidates to keep the legibility of communication.

The OpenHRMS Recruitment module is the wise and smart choice for effortless recruitment. By implementing this software, let your recruiting team set the candidate criteria and utilize the tools and features in the system to narrow down candidates efficiently. Have a look at the following blog to explore more about Recruitment Process and Recruitment Strategies with open HRMS. Run the Recruitment Process of Your Company Effectively in OpenHRMS and Best Recruitment Strategies with Open HRMS for Successful Hiring.