HR Reports for Smarter Business Decisions

Today, with the rise of the competitive market, the upsurge of multinational companies and diversified workforces, the job role of the HR Manager in an organization has become more challenging. The conventional employee management tools or techniques, no more adequately support the HR professionals in the efficient management of their employees. 

On the other hand, an intuitive HR software in place, delivering adequate and relevant information, in real-time can greatly aid the HR professionals in showcasing the best managerial skills. Today, the HR reports have become the vital piece of business choices as many companies are equipped with a large number of employees. 

The HR reports have surpassed all the major challenges put forward by conventional information gathering techniques. Today, the digital HR reporting software offers many solutions to the prior issues like – paper piling, difficulties in information tracing or information retrievals about a particular employee, misplacement or tampering of information etc. 

Now with the HR reports, all significant information can be input and recovered continuously, and sifted and arranged to in order to create valuable data. 

If we see closer, the HR reports help the organization in many ways.

1) Distinguish Shortcomings 

No business organizations can’t further develop if their weak points are not timely identified, addressed and fortified. For any business organization, the HR department acts as a focal center point for fortifying the weak links of their employees and in-house departments. Here the HR reports laid by the human resource management software, have a greater role in offering adequate reports on the employees and in –house departments. The reports help HR professionals in taking timely measures and strategic decisions to curb the issues.  

For example, the sales division of your business organization finds that half of your business crew can't bring a deal to a close, on account of lacking the necessary negotiation skills at their end.  This could be demonstrative of the poor enlisting practices laid by your organization or it may feature the requirement for an employee training at your workplace, in great exchange procedures. 

In the aforesaid case, the HR reports timely addresses the major concerns like- pitfalls in hiring, pitfalls in employee engagement, failure or depletion in sales. These are a matter of concern to any organization and if they aren’t timely addressed, it is likely to affect the company’s future run.

Meanwhile, the HR reports can also lay great help in retention of top employees via recognizing issues at workplaces. If helps the HR professionals to focus on the worker turnover designs. 

2) Future Planning 

HR reports underpin future planning in an organization.  Open HRMS lays all your hiring and employee performance data in one spot. You might be thinking what is the big deal here?

The two bits of information- hiring and employee performance have a critical connection; the likelihood of a worker performing great in the job is highly dependent on them being the correct fit for the job. Therefore the HR reports help in analyzing whether the prerequisites used to enlist workers are good enough or must be changed in coming times for further improving the stage. 

For example, you may find that somebody with one year of experience isn't really the best lead planner for the current position, say graphical designer. Equipped with this information via HR reports, the company can change the prerequisites for future occupation presents on somewhere around 3 or more years of experience for the Graphical designer post.

One should also understand that future planning isn't constrained to changing occupation application prerequisites. It additionally incorporates anticipating an association's future hiring needs. 

Businesses keep changing, sometimes more quickly than others. Therefore the business associations should keep themselves abreast of procuring needs and the changing businesses. The business can stay ahead only if they deploy the right individuals who fit new jobs at the opportune time. 

Open HRMS, the complete human resource management tools offers multi-dimensional HR reports that any business look for. It offers reports on employee recruitment processes, employee attendance, employee engagement, timesheets, employee payroll, employee expense, HR assets and utilization and also employee retirement. 

With Open HRMS HR reports module, the business can get multi-dimensional reports with regard to hiring or employee recruitment proceedings. The business organizations can acquaint themselves with both tabular and graphical representation of the recruitment proceedings and get updated on each employee skill and other desirables. 


In addition, the HR professionals can also review the employee performance and their working traits from Open HRMS custom HR reports. Once can easily drag down the number of absentees and working hours invested by each worker on a particular task. This reports later help in deriving the potentiality of an employee and how far he succeeded in envisioning the ascribed business goals laid to him. 



With Open HRMS software module, the business can also derive HR reports on employee payroll and pay slips -employee wise, department wise, job title wise and date wise. The generation of monthly statements and the provision to export the same to excel, can greatly aid the business management in reviewing the financial transactions happening across the workplace.  



In addition, the Open HRMS encompass with filtering tools to drill down custom reports, helping with analyzing the HR data from varied angles. 


3) Adequately Track Employee Execution 

Proactive HR supervisors spot issues before they move towards becoming disasters. Helping employees who are suffocating is an essential piece of this procedure. No employee can grow if they aren’t exposed to steady criticism and mentorship. Open HRMS HR Reports delivers custom reports that enable your business organizations to decide how well their employees are performing. 

The HR Data encompassing- recruitment information, training information, absentee figures, employee efficiency information, self-improvement audits, competency profiles, and staff fulfillment information thus withstand the pitfalls of conventional HR informational indexes, helping business organizations in deriving more strategic and smart business decisions. 

Previously, a great deal of HR information went unused or, in the event that it was utilized, it was put into outlines and tables for something like a corporate execution pack. Presently, in the time of enormous information and examination, the business organizations are transforming their information into experiences, for example, anticipating when workers will leave, where to select the most appropriate competitors from, how to recognize and pull in the most resourceful crews, and how to keep them upbeat once they progress toward becoming top performing employees. Thus HR reports have a crucial role in making smart business decisions.