Importance of Time and Attendance Management Software in Business

No organization will rule out the prominence of the “Time is Money” phrase at this span of time. Living in a competitive world, the existence of each organization is undermined by their sheer determination and powerful business strategies.

Today business organizations are investing in those mediums where they get maximum returns. Same with the case of HR software. Manually managing employees is beyond the control of HR leaders today. With increased workforce size and multiple office branches, a team of leaders alone cannot perform employee management.

Tracking of employee attendance, employee timesheet, employee performance, employee benefits, needless to say, everything associated to employees, demands proper and efficient management so as to save the time and cost of the company. Manual management of a large number of workers always comes with the risk of human errors in the form of misplacement of data, non-entry, and many more. There is no guarantee that everything happens cordial and healthy. There can be biased management often leading to disputes.

However, automating human resource management can simply curb the inefficiencies and fraudulent practices, keeping everything organized and foolproof. Be it complete HR software, or specialized time and attendance management software, these applications help in organizing things at a place, making everything simpler and transparent. Read more about Time Management Software for Mexican Companies

Let’s take the case of time and attendance management.

Manual tracking of employee attendance and time is always subject to producing biased and inefficient reports, thus bringing greater expenditure of time and cost to the company. There can arise many practices like buddy punching, fraudulent timekeeping, and flaws in data entry forming additional hidden expenses to the company directly affecting the productivity of the organization. The variations in attendance and time data often make it difficult for the company to bring out necessary changes in the organization.

However, a complete cum automated attendance and time-tracking application help in upgrading the efficiency of the business.

Open HRMS- the complete human resource management software, has modules that efficiently perform the time and attendance management of employees. It records employee attendance, and time spent by an employee on a task/project and creates different reports for further activities.

This not only saves the administration expenses of the organization but also facilitates HR professionals to centrally manage employee attendances from various office sites. Using the Open HRMS attendance and time tracking system, the organization can seamlessly calculate their employee’s leaves, work hours, overtime, and many more. Also, the HR leaders can easily utilize the application for conducting employee recruitment, employee review, appraisals, and most importantly calculating the employee payroll.

Using the Open HRMS timesheet module, the company can easily gain insight into the time spent by an employee on a particular task. 

It enables tracking of employee work hours on a project or a certain task/subtask.


The timesheet is shown above. One can view the timesheets for various projects. To create a new 

timesheet, go to the create button.



Underreporting, Open HRMS offers its customers, the option to attain reports like by employee, by task, by project and timesheet, and attendance.

By employee


By project


By task


Timesheet and attendance


The insightful reports generated by the Open HRMS Time and Attendance Management module help in calculating employee salary, ascertaining employee performance, regularizing employee attendance, giving away employee appraisal, etc. The applications help in generating customized reports using various filters and formats. HR/Admin can create user-wise customized reports and can easily export them to various file formats like PDF, Excel, etc.