Open HRMS: The Complete HR Software Dashboard

What is Open HRMS?

It is open-source software that has the capability to support the business groups to manage different human resources management-related operations. A tool conceived and developed by Cybrosys Technologies, the Gold Partner of Odoo, this application can offer complete support for managing employees.

I hope this blog will help you to understand a few things about how the Open HRMS dashboard functions.

Open HRMS dashboard

Whatever be the application, the dashboard could be considered as the living space of that application. This is a user-friendly as well as pleasing space for the employees and managers. With an attractive design and layout, the Open HRMS dashboard can help the user to get a glance at all HR-related operations.

Open HRMS is a tool that can benefit small, medium, and large industries. The tool can be used equally well by the people. 

So the developers of Open HRMS have included different modules which are essential for the effective operation of a human resources management team.


As given above we can find different modules in the Open HRMS tools. Different organizations can make use of these modules based on their requirements. 

Let us see the key modules included here.

> Employee

> Shifts

> Custody

> Announcement

> Expenses

> Invoicing 

> Overtime Request

> Payroll

> Resignation

> Reminders

> Recruitment

> Attendances

> Calendar

> Contact

> Dashboard

> Project

Among the modules, the HR Dashboard is the module that helps the user to get a friendly view of the application and details. The documents get an orderly display on the dashboard and the employees, as well as the managers, can view and organize the files and documents here.

It is the dashboard that gives an overall idea about the software application. Rather, this module helps the users to easily handle the documents and manage the operations effortlessly.


This is the dashboard of the user.

Here, we can see the dashboard of Mitchell Admin

From the dashboard, we can understand that Mitchell Admin is a chief executive officer. 

The dashboard provides us with basic details like the gender and date of birth of the employee. Besides, it gives us information including how long the employee has been working with the company


The nationality of the employee and other details can also be added here and viewed in a clear manner. 


Open HRMS also provides a set of general information apart from personal information. The highlight is that the details are displayed in an attractive and quick-to-grab manner. The information will help the user to get a thorough idea about the company policies and employee statistics. 

Some of the specially included tabs are Payslips, Timesheets, contracts, etc.


The Payslips tab helps the employees to view the total number of payslips generated. The total number of payslips saved in the HRMS can be found here. The user can click open the payslips and scan the payslips for different uses.


This tab helps the user to check the contract of employment. This will help the employee to check the contract conditions and avoid contract violations. 


Timesheets allow the user to view the time offs. This helps the HR team and the employees to view and manage the leaves and holidays. 

Leave Requests

Leave requests to enable the user to create leave requests and manage to leave requests. The status of leave requests and other details can be viewed by clicking the option.


These would be the common tabs available in the dashboard of a common employee. But as we have selected Mitchell Admin, who is the CEO of the company, we can view a few more tabs.

These tabs are of great benefit to managers of the company. HR managers and other managerial staff can make use of these features.

Leave Allocation Requests 

Here we can see a tab leave allocation request. Those are the leave requests raised by employees working under Mitchell Admin. 


Mitchell Admin can click open the list and view the leave requests.

The person will be able to initiate necessary action based on the leave request.

Job Applications


As Mitchell Admin is a senior official of the company responsible to manage different operations he can view the number of job applications received by the company. The total number of job applications is 18 as per the above-given image.

Departments and Employees


The pie chart gives you the employee proportion of different departments. The data is given on the right-hand side with the department name and staff number.

From the pie chart, we can find that the research and development team has maximum strength whereas the HR team is the smallest unit.

Monthly join/Resign Analysis

This is a feature that can be used by the HR wing. This feature can assist the user to get a data analysis of the new joiners and the resigned employees. The pattern can be analyzed and the performance of the company with regard to employee-friendly measures can also be reviewed based on this. 

Attrition Rate

This graphical representation helps you to understand the customer retention pattern. IF the company fails to maintain a good customer retention rate, the company could analyze the customer satisfaction factors.


Open HRMS gives us the option to highlight our events

In the image, we can find upcoming birthdays and upcoming events.

The upcoming birthday tab helps employees to wish their colleagues and plan parties.

[Upcoming events’ is a feature that works as an alert system to remind the employees about workshops or conferences. 


This feature helps to announce new events or success stories. Announcements can be sent to all employees at the same time with this feature.

My leave analysis

This is a chart that reflects the leave pattern of the employee. The employee will be able to understand the number of leaves taken during different periods without going through all documents.

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