OpenHRMS has Dedicated Modules for HR Management Operations

The Human Resource management operations of a company play a crucial role in the company operations and can be defined as one of the inevitable factors of operation in the functioning of the company. Moreover, you will require defined tools for the management operations of the company. A tool that has been defined in the company operations will not only simplify the task and the functioning of the company but also brings in order as well as the functional ability to the operations. Today there are numerous HR management solutions and tools available in the market which will provide you with tools of functioning to run the HR department functionings to run efficiently.

The HR operations of the company can be well managed with the OpenHRMS software as it has dedicated modules or applications of functioning which have been defined to run application-specific operations. All thanks to its modular approach in operations that you have these dedicated applications of management.

This blog will describe the dedicated modules of the OpenHRMS software which will root for effective human resource management for your company.

For faster operations and the functioning of your establishment, you will require dedicated tools of operations. The same principle has been adapted in the OpenHRMS software as it has dedicated applications that will cover all the aspects of the company's operations. Let us look into the various modules available in OpenHRMS and their functionality.


The employee's module of OpenHRMS will help you to describe all the employee details of the company. Moreover, you can save the employee document along with associated certification on them. In addition, the license of the employees on certain aspects can be saved, and alerts on these licenses can be configured to alert you before the expiry to renew them.


The attendance management of the employees is vital hence the OpenHRMS has dedicated attendance and leaves management modules that will allow you to mark the attendance of the employee. Moreover, with biometric as well as IoT device integration the attendees can be registered using the login and log off the employees into the company or the systems. Furthermore, remote monitoring of the employee attendance is also possible with this module and for the employees functioning from their homes. Have a look at the following blog to explore more about Biometric Office Attendance System. Biometric Office Attendance System


One of the important aspects of the HR management system modules operations and the HR departments is the payroll generation and the management of the employees. The OpenHRMS software has a dedicated payroll management module that is in direct integration with the attendance module therefore, the salaries can be generated based on the attendance of the employees. Furthermore, you can define the salary structure for each level of employees based on which the entire payroll functionality will be functioning.


The timesheet module of the OpenHRMS software will allow you to define direct timesheets on the operation which can be used as a base to analyze the employee efficiency in operations. These timesheets can also be used to invoice the customers on the services provided by your employees as service charges. In addition, the timesheets can be used as one of the ways to assess the employees working remotely for your company.


The recruitment process of the organizations will be tiresome and with dedicated management and systematic arrangement of operations the entire process can go down the hill. The OpenHRMS has a dedicated recruitment module for the management as well as the functioning of the recruitment as well as the hiring operations of the companies. Moreover, you can conduct online recruitment.

Onboarding/ Offboarding

The onboarding, as well as Onboarding operations of the companies, can be well managed with the respective modules available in the OpenHRMS software. Moreover, the OpenHRMS will provide you with these designated modules where you could define the onboarding as well as Offboarding operations of the company and it can be well managed with the help of dedicated tools and as the module is in direct integration with all other functional modules of the platform.


The appraisal module of the OpenHRMS software will allow the employees of your company to request for appraisal and it can be approved or disapproved based on the various internal factors by the managers or by the concerned executives. Moreover, the appraisal approval criteria can be mentioned in this module which the employees can fill out based on their functioning in the organization and the approval request can be generated for a pay raise.

Project management

In a company there might be multiple projects functioning other than the regularized ones which have a routine operation therefore, the management of them also becomes difficult. The OpenHRMS software has a dedicated project management module that will help you to define the various projects of operation, assign employees to them, monitor their operations, and manage the entire projects effectively and with high efficiency.


The report generation is one of the key features and functionalities of the OpenHRMS software, the report generation aspect is available in all of the modules of the platform. Moreover, you will be provided with both quantitative as well as analytical reports on the HR operations of the employees.

These are some of the modules of the OpenHRMS software but are not limited to. Moreover, the OpenHRMS tool will act as one of the reliable as well as efficient solutions for your HR management software operations of the companies will be beneficial immediately as well as in the long run after implementing it.