The Best Features of the OpenHRMS Attendance Management System

Employee attendance and leave management play a crucial role in the organization’s operations. They’re the backbone of every function of the firm and without the control of the absenteeism aspects of them, the operations would be disrupted. Moreover, a major portion of small and medium-scale establishments that function with a minimum number of employees means that a replacement at high times of employee attendance cannot be possible. This means that the employees should be reporting the leaves long before unless there is an emergency so that the business’s operations will not be disrupted without their presence.

With the turn of the century and technological advancement, most businesses worldwide have adapted to software-based technologies for operations. The lookout for tools that will cater to the benefits of the process of the industry was widely done by almost all the organizations functioning across the world. Today software tools rule the business management aspects bringing in advanced functionality and capability of operations for the business management, improving the productivity and performance aspects of the employee functioning. The real trouble for businesses is choosing the right solution based on operational and functional needs.

There are numerous tools of operations available in the market offering dedicated and complete functional aspects. The filtration and the process of finding the right solution that will cater to the operational needs of the company’s HR department will be tiresome. A thorough study of each of the solutions and its operations will let the business find the right solution. Open HRMS is one of the dedicated HR management solutions available today in the market bringing in advanced functional capabilities of operation. The reliable module-based infrastructure brings in various applicational specific dedicated modules of process. The OpenHRMS platform has dedicated and valuable tools for any aspects of the functions.

One of the salient features of the OpenHRMS platform is the capability of efficient attendance monitoring and dedicated leave management which is possible through the well-defined Attendance and leaves management module with all the available powers and dedicated menus which will cater to every practical need of the company in aspects of employee leave and attendance management.

Here in this blog, we will define the best HRMS System Feature of the OpenHRMS Attendance management system.

The OpenHRMS attendance management system will act as the perfect platform for employee leave management, which will serve as the practical and productive operations of the business with the dedicated tools and functional menus of management. Here are certain of the top features of the OpenHRMS Attendance management system.

Digitalized attendance marking

The employees’ attendance is controlled in the OpenHRMS platform with the help of the dedicated Attendance module, which can be accessed any time the users want. Moreover, the attendance-making aspects will only be authorized to the organization’s employees who have been given authority by the management. The attendance marked digitally can be accessed at any time required with the aspects of modification capability by the authorized personnel only.

Automated Attendance marketing

Manually marking the attendance every day will be a tiresome task that will take much time for the HR department and is personal; what if the marking function is automated with the help of advanced tools. That is what OpenHRMS attendance management does allows the users to configure the platform with advanced systems such as biometric devices and card readers, which can be placed at the entrance of the company. So when the employees come to the company site, they can either scan their fingerprints or their ID cards having the unique code, thus marking the attendance of the respective employee.

Attendance marking based on the shift allocation

With the OpenHRMS platform, you can define multiple shifts of operations which will be helpful for organizations functioning with various modifications. The aspects of attendance marking and monitoring of the employee’s changes will be difficult without dedicated management tools. The OpenHRMS Attendance management module will ensure that all the attendees of employees are monitored irrespective of the difference they have been assigned,. The attendance monitoring will be configured based on the shift allocation of each of the employees.

Monitoring of remote working employee attendance

With the impact of the pandemic, the number of employees working remotely has increased to a rapid number, and the organizations are striving to bring in tools that will cater to the management of these employees. The OpenHRMS platform will provide an excellent environment for monitoring the working employees, and with the dedicated Attendees management tool, employee attendance can be managed in detail. The remote monitoring of employees will be highly beneficial for organizations where most employees function in the customer field and do not have a dedicated office to do their jobs. 

Cloud-based platform 

The Cloud-based functionality of the OpenHRMS will ensure that you can monitor your employee attendance any time while connected to the platform servers. This will also help mark the attendance and modify the keeping based on the authorization provided for the respective management team.

These are certain of the aspect and top features of attendance management which are done with the help of the Attendance management module of the OpenHRMS platform. With the dedicated modular structure where distinctive modules of operations will be defined the OpenHRMS platform will cater for the complete management of the employee operations in a company. Have a look at the following blog to explore more about Biometrics Time and Attendance System. Biometrics Time and Attendance System