What is Employee Engagement in HR?

The foundation of any institution is its employees, be it a business or a company. Without proper and streamlined coordination and cooperation of employees,  a company or a business organization cannot sustain itself in the long business run. It is only when the foundation is strong, the entire structure will be built solid. The same is applicable in the case of employees in an organization. 

It is in this context, employee engagement becomes a vital term in an organization. Employee engagement is a very deep subject as it describes the passion, commitment, and worthy effort, an employee puts forward for the goodwill and development of his/her organization. 

We shall not confuse employee engagement for employee satisfaction because they are entirely different terms. Employee satisfaction only indicates how happy an employee is, whereas employee engagement defines the true workmen spirit of an employee. This blog discusses the pertinent keys in human resource management, that ensure employee engagement in an office. Tips to Managing Remote Employees

HRM and employee engagement

There is a specific structure built in every organization to churn out the maximum from their employees. The human resource management shall function efficiently so as to ensure that this structure is maintained properly. This structure shall be built in such a way that employee engagement is promoted to the maximum level. The employees shall always strive to meet the organizational goals, values, targets, and challenges,  and with this drive to meet success shall enhance their own self-skills. For all this to happen, the human resource management has to plan their strategies accordingly and precisely. The strategy should be in such a way that the employees shall never feel they are doing a burden work, instead, they shall feel they are doing something which is very challenging, also that could their professional skills to a new and greater degree. Then only employee engagement will happen and the company will move forward. The correct employee attitude which is turned into uncompromising work which in turn brings out productive outcomes constitutes the employee engagement cycle.

The basic things which can be said about employee engagement is that;

1. It is something that varies from employee to employee.

2. It is solely based on the work spirit and productivity of the employee.

3. It is not a constant thing.

Now the company with the help of human resource management can boost employee engagement with some gimmicks, are;

a. Friendly interactions: having friendly interactions among employees, creates a home-like environment in the office. This will ensure zero stressful atmosphere, where the employee will work to his fullest.

b. Appreciations: appreciate the employees when they have done some remarkable works and in this way, the employees will have an urge to produce excellent work so as to establish themselves in the office.

c. Group discussions: interactive group discussions on general topics can be conducted once in a while, this is to keep the employee mindset sharp and without any sluggish behavior.

d. Brainstorming activities: to keep the employee reasoning abilities and decision makings intact, brainstorming activities can be provided. This will make sure the employee is all time ready for new challenges.

e. Games and fun time activities: this is equally important as well as all the other steps. To keep the employee socially active and free from the regular work boredom, activities like this will help a lot.

Doing all these activities will make the employee engagement achieve its maximum percentage, the employee will then be a sharp tool that the company can use to face any given challenges.

The human resource management shall follow some steps to ensure that the employee engagement shall not be disturbed and for that the human resource management should concentrate on these steps.

f. Personal talks shall never be taken into consideration: human resource management shall only focus on the work and productivity of the employee. They should not go after unnecessary talks which others say about him. If the employee is performing to his fullest without any trouble making, that is the only thing that counts.

g. Always make sure the employees are working out of stress. Employee engagement will be drastically reduced if stress starts hitting the employee. In such cases, HR should take necessary actions to keep up the employee engaged to the maximum.

h. Always make sure employees are not deviating from their work focus. There will be many reasons for this to happen, in such cases, HR should figure out the root cause of the problem and take necessary actions. 

i. Provide a feel free to express nature among the employees, it is only then employees will address their problems and requirements in front of the HRM. This will also ensure employee engagement.

j. Maintain a regular transparent connection between various departments in an organization. The employees shall work to the fullest when they have an idea about the whole office working. Otherwise, it will lead to miscommunication problems.

k. The human resource management can sort out the weak performers, find the cause of their poor performance, and can plan ways with which he can be transformed and improve his work skill. Thus employee engagement is ensured.

From all the above points it is clear that it is very necessary to maintain employee engagement in an organization. Maximum effort is the only thing that can bring out the maximum result. To make this happen human resource management techniques can be used and employee engagement can be assured.